There's a Reference to Inugami Korone Hololive in the Doom Eternal Game DLC

Game players Doom Eternal just got a DLC update entitled The Ancient Gods Part one. But there is a small surprise in the DLC update. Recently players just found a reference Inugami Korone, Virtual Youtuber Hololive in the game’s new DLC Doom Eternal.

Lol, how come?! Instead of being confused and curious, let’s just start the discussion!

There’s Inugami Korone Hololive Reference in Game DLC Doom Eternal

A player just found a reference to Inugami Korone, the Virtual Youtuber of the Hololive agency in the game’s latest DLC Doom Eternal. He found the words “DOOG ETERNAL” on the game. This surprised the players who are fans of Korone. The player shows a reference to the game via discussion forum r/Doom on Reddit.

You can see for yourself the image below if you can’t access the Reddit site.

It turns out that this was not experienced by Reddit users, someone captured the moment when the words “DOOG ETERNAL” appeared on Youtube. You can see the video for yourself below.

Fans Reaction

Knowing this, Korone fans were very surprised to see it. Who would have thought that the developer of the Doom Eternal game included a Korone reference because the Vtuber had played Doom (2021) and Doom 64. Many thought that one of the staff hadsave with Korone and intentionally put DOOG Eternal in the game.

Here are some reactions from fans who know this.

“It’s a really touching moment.”

“Chainsaw, I LUV YU”

“Is Dev there saving with Korone?”


The Origin of DOOG ETERNAL

The DOOG ETERNAL reference in the DLC comes from one of the moments when Inugami Korone first got to know the game Doom. Korone talks about his plans to play Doom. Fans then made a parody of Doom’s name DOOG through live chat and was notified directly by Korone.

Before long, Korone was playing a game Doom 64 and continued with Doom (2021). There are many interesting moments when he plays, such as his love for Chainsaw and BFG9000 weapons. As it is clear that the Doom Eternal game developer staff hassave with Corona.

(Source: Cookie-nyan Pixiv)

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