There is a new breakthrough, what is Mobile Legends X Star Wars like?

Reportedly, Mobile Legends X Star Wars will bring up the latest collaboration in 2021. Previously, Moonton had also leaked about the latest collaboration that will appear in the middle of this year. So, what will this latest collaboration be like?

It is undeniable that currently Mobile Legends players are always increasing. Therefore, to pamper gaming friends, Mobile Legends often brings up their latest collaboration.

After previously presenting Mobile Legends X King Of Fighter, this time we will discuss leaks about Mobile Legends collaborating with Star Wars which are always interesting to follow. What are some leaks about this collaboration?

Mobile Legends X Star Wars Officially Released Mid 2021

At the beginning of 2021, Moonton had leaked about when their latest collaboration would officially appear. But unfortunately with whom the collaboration was released is still a secret.

It will be released in May 2021 to be exact. Moonton itself will bring up their latest collaboration which has been widely discussed by fans lately and they are collaborating with the Star Wars franchise. Not only that, there are many other leaks that show that the collaboration will really exist.

Animated Backgrounds from Star Wars

Several Mobile Legend leakers are currently providing various information about the background in the Star Wars-themed hero animation. This animated background itself usually appears when a gaming buddy chooses a hero and usually has several themes, ranging from underwater, outer space, to natural scenery.

Well, the animated background that was leaked this time has a Star Wars theme with an appearance like the appearance of a hero coming down from a plane like you watch a Star Wars movie.

Argus’ First Star Wars Skin Appears

Finally Moonton gave the latest leak about what the initial skins will appear in the collaboration between Mobile Legends and Star Wars. That’s right, the first hero who will get a skin in this collaboration is Argus.

The skin that will be given to Argus is Darth Vader with all-black characteristics and a red glowing sword and a very distinctive tope in the Star Wars series. The leak about the Argus skin has been discussed by the public.

Leaked Other Heroes That Appeared in Mobile Legends X Star Wars

As gaming friends know that at the beginning of this year, Moonton gave the latest trailer which brought out several heroes who would get the latest collaboration skins.

Some of the heroes include Argus, Cyclops, Balmond, Eudora, and Miya. Maybe there will be other heroes on this list, but what is certain is the 5 heroes mentioned just now. Of course you immediately match which of the Star Wars characters is suitable to be adapted to the Mobile Legends hero above, right?

Did you know that in 2019 when this issue first surfaced, the community was not so sure about this collaboration. The reason is, at that time not many heroes in Mobile Legends had weapons and could be adapted to the Star Wars theme.

But that was a long time ago, gaming buddy! Surely you know that throughout 2020 until now Moonton has always stepped on the gas to bring up some new heroes. There are even heroes with special backgrounds related to the universe, for example Yve and Zhask.

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What do you think about this Mobile Legends X Star Wars collaboration? According to the news circulating, the method of the event that appears in this collaboration will be the same as the KOF event in the previous Mobile Legends. More curious right? You have to wait until May.

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