The United States Will Block TikTok As Soon As Saturday

After a few weeks earlier the United States said it would block the application TikTok from Uncle Sam’s country. Now the US decision is unanimous to block the application TikTok.

The United States Will Soon Block Apps TikTok

Quoted from CNBC, President of the United States Donald Trump said he would block access to the application TikTok in the US as early as Saturday (8/1). The statement appeared during a chat together reporter in a plane Air Force One en route from Washington DC to Florida.

“Our concern on the app TikTok led us to block access to the app in the United States,” President Trump said, calling the action “severance“.

President Trump did not specify how he would block the app, whether through executive action, or in other ways such as designation.

“Yeah, I have that authority, I can do it through executive action or something,” Trump added.

Party Response TikTok

Spokesman TikTok say to NBC News that the app has helped provide jobs in the United States, and is committed to the privacy of app users.

“We hired 1,000 people for the United States region this year, and we are proud to have employed another 10,000 people at good salaries across the United States,” the spokesperson said. TikTok.

“User data TikTok The United States is stored in the US, accompanied by strict security for employees TikTok in accessing the data. Investors the largest came from the US. We have been committed to protecting the privacy and security of user data while we continue to bring happiness to people and meaningful careers to those at work. platform us,” he added.

After India, United States Follows

United States blocks TikTok Banned

A few weeks earlier, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the United States was talking about blocking social media applications. Moreover, applications that come from the Bamboo Curtain country, one of which is TikTok.

The aftermath of the discourse came after allegations emerged that the application had shared user information with the Chinese government. However, they denied the accusations.

United States lawmakers are concerned about national security regarding user data held by TikTok. They are also worried about the law in force in China that requires companies from China. The law is to “support and cooperate with intelligence working under the auspices of the Chinese Communist Party”.

Pompeo also said Americans should be more careful when using apps. The reason is an app developed by a Chinese company ByteDance secretly provide user information to them.

“Only if you want your personal information to be in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party,” Pompeo said when asked if he was asked to recommend an app. TikTok.

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