The Strongest Hero in Mobile Legends 2021, Are There Your Heroes?

Until now, Mobile Legend is the most popular game. However, there are only a few of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends 2021 that you should try. Did you guys already know? Let’s see to the end.

Mobile Legend is one of the most popular games with the highest number of downloads today. This game is loved by many people. This MOBA genre game, how to play it is 5 vs 5. You are with 4 of your friends, against 5 people on the opposing team.

Then the meta hero in Mobile Legend also changes frequently. This happens in every game update and the list of the sickest heroes keeps changing. There are several heroes who are nerfed or buffed. Then the professional players often monitor the development of each haro. This is done so that players can reach Mythic smoothly.

The following are the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends 2021

1. Esmeralda

Those of you who have reached Legend and Mythic rank, must often find Esmeralda’s hero banned. This is because this semi-tank mage hero has skills with thick shields. The point is, the shield effect from the enemy that comes from the skill or item will not work on this hero.

In fact, the opponent’s shield can be stolen and become Esmeralda’s property. So this hero is difficult to kill. This is what makes Esmeralda’s attacks a little painful to her opponents.

2. Benedetta

Benedetta is a new hero, it’s only natural that this hero doesn’t have a cure. Even Benedetta got the title as the strongest hero in Mobile Legends 2021. Especially when the last Mobile Legend update, this hero did not get a nerf quota.

Benedetta’s skills were also terrifying. One of them is the ability to blink which has been stopped by the opponent. Then this hero has a deadly grip if his HP is low. Even Benedetta’s damage and crowd control hurts for mercy.

3. Natalia

Hero Natalia is very dangerous if released from the draft pick. Because, this hero can hide and can kill opponents sneakily. Even more terrifying is that Natalia can counter almost all the opponent’s skills she faces.

The ability of immunity from the opponent’s Basic Attack that makes Natalia a mainstay. Your attacks will be in vain if directed at Natalia. Even the damage that this hero has is very unobtrusive. Then the combination of Skill The Hunt and Skill Assassin Instinct can make the opponent move. So you can’t issue any skills, then you will be killed by Natalia.

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4. Johnson

Currently, Johnson’s hero is often banned when in draft pick mode. This is because Johnson’s skill is very spicy, especially coupled with a combo with a mage. So that Johnson is called the strongest hero in Mobile Legends 2021. Johnson’s skill gives a sudden shock effect and can make opponents move. Easy and fast roaming capabilities make opponents often find out their position.

You must know that Johnson often roams to the enemy base. Johnson’s ability is indeed widely used for mapping and tracking enemies, making it easy to be hit or kidnapped. In addition, the crowd control of this hero is also very annoying, the stun effect of skill 2 can even last up to 5 seconds.

So that’s the strongest hero recommendation when you want to push rank. Even by using this hero, you will find it easy to catch up with the Mythic rank. But you have to understand the skills of the strongest hero in Mobile Legends 2021. Because if not, you will use this hero in vain.

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