The Most Exciting Offline Android Adventure Game Suitable For You To Try

Along with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, now there are many game genres that are in high demand. One of them you can play offline android adventure games. Adventure genre games are one of the games that are never empty of fans.

Game development is never empty of fans because it can be an interesting entertainment. especially now you can play various exciting games using only a smartphone. Adventure games have always been the choice for most of the game connoisseurs. You can experience interesting adventures in the virtual world without having to move places.

Indeed, in its development, there is now a game world that can be played online. If there are games of this adventure genre that can be played online and offline, these two types both present an exciting game sensation. No wonder this adventure game always has a lot of fans.

Recommendations for Exciting Offline Android Adventure Games

When it comes to games, nowadays you can find various RPG games and MOBA games. These two games do offer different kinds of fun and are equipped with cool features.

Behind it all, you can play games with the adventure genre that manages to bring a sensation of excitement that is different from other games. When playing offline android adventure games, you don’t need a stable internet connection.

On this occasion, we will explain some recommendations for games with the offline adventure genre. The following is a more detailed explanation:

  • Assassin’s Creed Identity

Assassin’s Creed Identity is an android adventure game that you can play offline. At first this game can only be played on a PC, but now you can play it on a smartphone.

For the sake of providing excitement, this game is equipped with interesting and modern features. This game has also been divided into different classes ranging from berserker, trickster, thief, and shadow blade classes.

In the game Castle of Illusion, the Disney character is Mickey Mouse. In this offline adventure game you will experience various challenges and obstacles. You must be able to solve every mission and challenge given. Of course with stunning visual support and an attractive background.

This offline android adventure game really makes the players nervous. Where you must be able to complete the puzzle challenge in order to win and continue the next mission. This game is supported by an interesting and very unique storyline to play.

Minecraft is an offline adventure game that is very popular and trending among game lovers. This game can attract the attention of many game lovers because it offers an exciting adventure. You can have the opportunity to build houses, destroy buildings, dig mines, and do various activities as you please.

This game was also popular because it made you adventure to solve every challenge with the clues. So you will be looking for a grandfather who disappeared. Well, with various clues, you have a mission to find the grandfather.

This adventure game is no less exciting than other adventure games. This game already offers high graphic design so you can enjoy the fun while playing. For those of you who play it must be able to find clues and solve puzzles to continue the journey.

That’s the recommendation of offline android adventure games which is fun to play on a smartphone device. Offering a good graphic design makes the game feel more exciting and interesting to play. Actually there are many other exciting adventure games, but the games above are more stressful to play.

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