The meaning of Poke Mobile Legends, this is an easier explanation to understand

This time, we will discuss the meaning of Poke Mobile Legends. However, before that we will also provide other basic information for you. Remembering, in the MOBA game made by MOONTON, there are indeed a lot of ‘roles’ and ‘specialties’ that are definitely different. Moreover, the game which can now be said to be quite popular has also issued a total of about 103 heroes.

Meanwhile, for the roles in this game, there are actually only about six. The details, such as Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman and Support. However, there are heroes who have multiple roles or more than one. For example, Alice who has a Mage/Tank role and that will allow her users to be able to pair mage or tank items (as needed).

Then, for ‘speciality’ is a specialization owned by the hero himself. Back to Alice, this hero with a mage/tank role has a Charge/Regen specialty. Where the first ability will make the hero can move quickly using his skills. For Regen, this hero will allow him to fill his blood with his other skills.

Know More Details About the Meaning of Poke Mobile Legends

As for Poke, actually the word is included in one of the ‘specialties’. Where, heroes who have this specialization can spam skills to repay enemy damage. Given, this ability will also not be too painful at the beginning of the game plus for the skill cd the ability will also be short.

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For heroes who have these abilities, most of them come from the Mage role. For example, Nana, Harley, Gord, Odette, Cyclops, Pharsa, Aurora, Chang’e, Vexana, Cecilion, Yve and Kagura.

Apart from the role mage, there are heroes from other roles such as Hanzo (Assassin) and Diggie (Support). For the record, the damage caused by one of these heroes is actually still potentially sick at the beginning of the match, for example, the hero has just been released. Yes, you also know about Yve and like you are good at using it. This hero may be quite difficult since the game starts.

Apart from that, there are still several other specialties such as Support, Regen, Crowd Control, Guard, Initiator and Damage that are known specialties – these specialties are in each tank hero and support hero. Given, each of these specialties also has a big enough impact in a match for players who play the role of tanks. Therefore, they will usually choose carefully about the hero to be used when ‘draft pick’ in ranked mode (in particular).

Even so, there are also some fighter heroes who specialize above. However, in this role, Marksman and assassin also have other specialties such as Push, Burst, Chase, Control, Charge, Reap, Magic Damage and Mix Damage. Meanwhile, for the specialties above, it usually makes the three heroes with these roles have a fairly painful level of damage at the beginning and late in the game.

However, for heroes with roles that have a fairly sick level of damage, they will usually be more in the assassin or Marksman roles when all the items they make have become. Moreover, it will happen during the late game.

Maybe, that’s all we can explain about the meaning of Poke Mobile Legends. However, we also found other interesting information about the word Poke in this game. Where, this word will mean small points when you have stepped on the Mythical Glory tier.

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