The law of karma? In the past, humiliating Indonesia, the Philippines 2021 SEA Games was considered bad

We all know that the 2021 Sea Games will be held in the Philippines from November 30, 2021 to December 11, 2021. However, several athletes and media from various countries have already arrived to the country.

But unfortunately, the first impressions felt by the athlete and the media were more of a disappointment than a compliment.

Quoted from Tirto, there’s just a problem to deal with. For example, for the media, they said that the committee felt unresponsive in responding to the complaints of a number of journalists.

One of the complaints is the difficulty of getting ID pers. Although all IDs were printed on November 25, 2021 and stored in the media room. But because the IDs are not sorted alphabetically, it makes it difficult for journalists to find their respective IDs.

Even for conference rooms pers The Rizal Memorial Stadium looks depressing, with rows of plastic chairs and rooms that look unfinished, even netizens compared the room with the condition of the village hall which was considered better.

Meanwhile, for athletes, the experience is even more bitter than the media. As experienced by the Thai national team regarding the hotel they got which was considered too far from the training location, the White Elephant national team could not help but train on a roadside field.

Not only Thailand, Timor Leste’s soccer athletes are considered no less pathetic, as said Thailand coach, Akira Nishino when interviewed Fox Sports.

“We’re not the only ones experiencing this. East Timor too. It took them two hours to move from the hotel to the training ground, this is completely unrealistic.” Nishino complained.

Even the East Timorese athletes had been stranded for hours because the committee took the athletes to the wrong hotel.

And playing many athletes from other countries who had a bitter experience, including Indonesia. Until the end viral hashtag #SEAGames2021Fail.

Fighting Forgetting

Logo Sea Games 2011 Indonesia
SEA Games 2011 Indonesia (Liputan6)

Seeing the implementation of the 2021 SEA Games in the Philippines certainly reminds us of the 2011 SEA Games in Indonesia.

Quoted from Coverage6. The Philippines has been the loudest in saying that the 2011 SEA Games in Indonesia was the most chaotic in history.

The claim is based on the number of venue who are not ready either in Jakarta or Palembang.

Besides venue who were not ready, they also highlighted the poor availability of lodging and transportation, and even late payments for becak drivers who delivered athletes.

Even the SEA Games mascot at that time, Modo-Modi, which was adapted from the Komodo dragon, was considered the worst mascot ever, the design was considered more like a lizard than a Komodo.

Bearing in mind that at that time the Philippines very loudly stated that the implementation of the 2011 SEA Games in Indonesia was the worst in history, is this a sign that the law of karma still applies?

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