The Hardest Heroes in Mobile Legends, Who Are They?

There are lots of heroes in Mobile Legends who have various roles that you can play with various levels of difficulty. Some are difficult and some are easy. But mastering overpowered heroes is not easy. Here are some of the hardest heroes in Mobile Legends.

If you are new to playing or have recently played Mobile Legends, you should avoid the following heroes if you want to play ranked because the difficulty level is not right for novice players.

Here are some of the most difficult heroes in Mobile Legends



Selena has a stun for up to 2.5-3 seconds plus a 2nd skill. Also, the ability to set traps can become an uninvited ‘god of death’ for a dying enemy.

Unfortunately, the ability that is classified as Overpower requires more understanding for users. The stun skill of the 2nd skill must be well directed. If you can’t hit your opponent, all you have is waste mana for nothing.

Meanwhile, the mechanism of changing its form is a factor that makes the user not want to use it. In fact, this mechanism is the key to successfully using Selena’s hero. However, the combo skill must be accompanied by changing the form so it is quite difficult to memorize the skill changes.



This one hero mage has a difficulty level of 88 and it turns out that gaming friends are required to have extra intentions to be able to master it. Similar to Fanny, Kagura is difficult to master because of her complicated but unique abilities.

He is very dependent on his three skills, all of which use magic umbrellas. Of course controlling this umbrella can make your opponent panic if the user is an expert like RRQ Lemon. On the other hand, Kagura can also make teammates feel frustrated if you use it carelessly.

The effect of the umbrella ability allows him to teleport and deal damage if the opponent is hit by this skill. Controlling it is easy, but mastering it is so difficult. It takes really good placement, timing, and micro understanding so that Kagura’s skills can be effective to finish off opponents.

In addition, the ability mode varies between when holding the umbrella and when the umbrella is not held. All of his abilities also change when the mode changes. If your gaming buddy doesn’t know the difference, it’s certain that the Kagura that you are using will be the target for your opponent.



For gaming friends who have just installed Mobile Legends, don’t let you glance at Fanny. This hero is at the top of the list in terms of the most difficult heroes to master according to the official Mobile Legend page. Hero inspired by Annie Leonhart’s character in the anime series Attack on Titan [AOT] this has a difficulty level with perfect points aka 100% and it is clear this should not be used by players who are still noobs.

Numbers don’t lie, this hero is very difficult to use because of his unique abilities. His skills are really the same as what you see in the Attack on Titan anime series. 2nd Skill [Steel Cable] or cables are very difficult to control, especially for novice players.

It’s not an easy thing to control the cable towards the wall, it needs the right angle and timing so it can fly without the need to waste energy in vain. Fanny really needs a blue buff so that her energy doesn’t drain quickly.

Not to mention looking for the right moment to fly and immediately slash the opponent. What is clear, don’t waste Diamond or BP to buy this one hero if you really can’t master it instead of saying ‘Land Fanny‘ with other players.

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Those are the 3 hardest heroes in Mobile Legends that beginners should not play. But, it doesn’t mean that gaming friends are forbidden to use it because the above heroes are classified as very Overpowered. Hope it is useful.

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