The Global Version of SINoAlice Smartphone Game Release Schedule Must Be Postponed

A smartphone game with a dark fantasy theme based on a famous fairy tale, SINoAlice is quite popular with fans in Japan. Although not as popular as their rival gacha games such as FGO or GBF, SINoAlice has its own characteristics. Not to mention involving one of the famous names in the world of the game industry with a story that dark, namely Yoko Taro.

This game has been released since June 2021. With its popularity in Japan as a unique gacha game, SINoAlice will expand its wings by releasing this game outside of Japan. However, there is bad news for SINoAlice fans who have been waiting for this game to be released with English translation for a long time.

SINoAlice English Version Postponed


On July 16, 2021, page Facebook official from the SINoAlice game announced that this game had to be pushed back its release date. Here is the official statement:

Hi everyone.
This is from the SINoAlice Management Team.

First of all, we want to apologize profusely to inform everyone who has been waiting so long for this game to be widely released. We would like to say that this game has to be pushed back from the scheduled release date.

SINoAlice has been working on starting from the end of the year, where we plan to release this game on July 18, 2021.

As the opening ladder draws near, we’ve done a final maintenance and double-checked the global server. However, we are forced to conclude that the quality of the localization of SINoAlice is far from perfect at the development stage.

In this case, we had a lot of discussions with the developer team from Japan and as a result we had to reschedule the release on a large scale. We decided to maximize the localization of this game to provide high satisfaction from the players.

Due to this schedule being pushed back, we are aware that many have been disappointed, and we sincerely apologize for the sudden announcement.

With hype As high as the global version of SINoAlice, our priority is to provide an experience that exceeds expectations. We hope you all understand the difficult decision we made by delaying the global release of the game.

The release schedule for the global server is currently being worked on.

Your interest is high regarding the release charts, we will try our best to bring to all of you the localized version of SINoAlice as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the compensation reward for this delay is being discussed. We will immediately notify you of the announcement of the global version release ladder and compensation in detail one day.

Once again, we sincerely apologize to all of you who have given your love and care to SINoAlice.

Summary, Game Postponed= More Apologems

Although many feel disappointed, I think their decision is reasonable. All this in order to improve the performance of this game to the maximum. Considering the Japanese version underwent maintenance repeatedly when it was first released. Hopefully this game will not be delayed too long.

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