The Blind Knight from the Ghost Cave is now at Lokapala!

game Lokapala collaborate with Bumilangit by presenting characters The Blind from the Cave of Ghosts as one of the Knights in the game.

The collaboration is based on the need to develop Indonesian intellectual property and as a form of commitment to create Ksatriya based on Indonesian history and mythology.

Together Bumilangit Entertainment, PT. Melon Indonesia as game publisher Lokapala officially cooperated to present the character The Blind from the Cave of Ghosts the.

The Blind from the Ghost Cave is here in Lokapala!

Starting Thursday (15/7), NawaReaders can play a new Knight named The Blind From the Cave of Ghosts.

This hero is a character from a comic made by Ganes TH, which was once popular in the 70s and printed up to 500 thousand copies, and returned in the 90s when the drama series was adapted to the small screen.

This has been conveyed on a live broadcast on the official Bumilangit channel last Thursday (15/7). This knight is an attacker type by relying on melee attacks and has very fast movements to paralyze the opponent.

Journey The Blind from the Cave of Ghosts across the archipelago

Named Barda Mandrawata, who was forced to blind her eyes in order to defeat the Angel Eyes, the blind villain with magic Mandraguna. His ruthlessness has caused the death of his father and Marni, his fiancé.

Together with his loyal companion monkey, Wanara, Barda traveled to various corners of the archipelago and was involved in various historical events.

He is armed with a stone staff, wears a fighting robe made of the giant snake scales of the guardian of the Ghost Cave, and has the ability to “see” with his voice and heart.

Because of that, Barda became famous as a mighty warrior with a legendary name, “The Blind from the Cave of Ghosts

Re-introduce the work of the nation’s children

Bismarka Kurniawan, as Founder and CEO of Bumilangit Entertainment said, “The appointment of The Blind from the Cave of Ghosts In a game made by an original Indonesian, Lokapala, it becomes a momentum that native Indonesian characters such as Si Buta from the Ghost Cave can already be used by fans who love them in the form of the latest digital games”.

The Blind from the Cave of Ghosts has been born and renowned for more than 5 decades. And in this digital era, it is the right time for Bumilangit to collaborate with Melon Indonesia as one of the leading digital platform providers from Indonesia. So, to introduce and present this legendary character to the younger generation of the nation’s successors,” he continued.

Dedi Suherman as CEO of PT Melon Indonesia also added that requests from the community of players wanted Indonesian characters to enter the Lokapala game.

“We see this as a potential slick cooperation with Bumilangit because The Blind from the Cave of Ghosts this himself has never been raised as a character from any game.”

“Hopefully his presence will make the national creative industry progress together!”

local press con

With the presence of the new Knights, Melon Indonesia and Bumilangit hope to make Indonesia’s creative industry better.

Moreover, so that as means for development as well as an addition to Indonesia’s intellectual property treasures in the future.

“This collaboration is not limited to the game publisher business. We are open for other businesses in Melon Indonesia as Digital Content and Entertainment Company. Like music and OTT Video,” continued Dedi.

Ivan Chen as CEO of PT Anantarupa explained that from the beginning Anantarupa developed the Lokapala concept so that it could collaborate with local IP. “Our goal is how local IP can grow together and strengthen each other.”

“Presence The Blind from the Cave of Ghosts into Svaka Lokapala is a manifestation of our vision. Hopefully with this the IP/content industry ecosystem in Indonesia will develop so that the local IP industry can become the master in their own country”.

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