The Best Landmine FF Installation Techniques To Defeat the Enemy

Free Fire is a battle royale game that requires gamers to subvert all enemies and survive to the end to achieve booyah. To achieve this, adequate fighting skills and the right strategy are needed.

Even though the game characters you play use sophisticated weapons, without the right strategy, it will certainly be difficult to achieve booyah. One strategy that needs to be considered is the technique of installing landmine FF or also known as landmines.

If you gamers are able to place landmine FF correctly, of course your enemies will be easily overthrown without having to bother facing them and overthrowing them one by one with a headshot.

6 Landmine FF Auto Booyah Installation Strategies

To get booyah, here are 5 proper landmine FF installation strategies that gamers need to pay attention to.

Install While Running from Enemy

When gamers run from the enemy, of course the enemy will chase because they think you are in a weak and disadvantaged position so they run away. Well, when the enemy is in pursuit, you just have to run to a narrow place and install a landmine. It is very likely that the chasing enemy will step on the landmine so that he falls.

Install As Trap In Home/Building

Houses or buildings are often entered by Free Fire gamers to hide or find a safe shooting position. If you gamers install a landmine in a house or building, it is likely that the enemy will step on it and fall. Buddy just need to determine the right position in the house or building that will be passed by FF gamers.

Install In Loot Place

When there is a loot drop, immediately install landmine in the middle of the box. Usually FF gamers don’t pay attention to the presence of the mine because they rush to pick up the drop item. Well that’s when the mines will topple him.

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Install on the side of the vehicle

Enemies often use vehicles for fast rotation. Well, gamers friends can take advantage of this moment to install landmines around the vehicle. Usually the enemy will rush to rotate with the vehicle so they don’t notice the presence of landmines in the vicinity. Finally, kaboom, the mine explodes and the enemy falls so that you auto booyah.

Create a Supply Drop Trap

When you see a supply drop, of course the enemy will think to immediately take it. Well, my friend can make a supply drop trap by installing some landmines around the supply drop location. That way, your enemy will fall and you will get booyah.

Set the Traps of Destruction in the Open Field

An open field or grass is the right place to install a landmine to become a destroyer trap for your enemies. When the enemy passes, of course he will not realize the existence of the FF landmine because its existence is disguised by the green grass that is there. Finally, the enemy fell because he stepped on the land mine that you installed earlier. That’s the best landmine FF installation technique that you can apply to easily overthrow the enemy and reach booyah.

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