That's All Up, A Boy Accused Of Theft Of A Charity Box To Top Up FF!

Since the emergence of online games, there have been interesting and even strange stories related to these online games. For example, the story of a player who died playing online games for days non-stop, a husband who divorced his wife because he was disturbed by playing online games, and many other stories.

Recently, a video and pictures went viral showing a battered boy being beaten for stealing a charity box. It was stated that the little boy became a charity box thief for FF top up.

Videos and pictures of the boy spread on Facebook and Youtube. One of the Youtube Channels that discusses the boy accused of being a thief is tinatajr.

Bocil in FF Dress Accused of Thief in Charity Box for Top Up

Based on information circulating, the theft of the charity box took place at the Al-Falah Mosque, Cipatujah, Tasikmalaya. However, the exact time of the incident is not known.

In the video circulating, it looks like the act of taking the law into its own hands. The boy, who was suspected of being a thief, was badly beaten by a man, causing his face to bleed.

The cause of the incident is yet to be ascertained. However, many people suspect that the boy who committed the theft was a Free Fire gamer and carried out the theft in order to top up diamonds.

Actually there is no official evidence related to the cause of the theft. Allegations circulating are solely because the little boy was caught stealing using a black T-shirt with the Free Fire logo. In fact, just wearing FF clothes is not necessarily an FF player.

Although there is no official explanation for the reason for the theft because he wants to top up Diamond, videos and photos of the boy have quickly spread on social media. One of the Youtube Channels that discusses it is tinatajr.

Because the videos and pictures had already spread, many netizens rushed to conclusions and accused the leak in the video of deliberately being a charity box thief to top up FF.

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Important Lessons to Take

The act of theft is of course a despicable act, especially if what was stolen was a charity box. We should all stay away from these traits and take this incident as a lesson. It’s just that, in a hurry to conclude that the reason for the theft is because the FF top up is also not quite right. If there is no evidence or official statement about this, you should not rush to conclusions.

We’ll just have to wait for the authorities to deal with this. Of course, there will be an official statement from them regarding the motive for the theft after an investigation is carried out.

In addition, what needs to be noted here is the vigilante act committed by some parties. This of course cannot be justified, whatever the reason. The boy should just be arrested, then handed over completely to the authorities to solve it.

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