Tara Arts Game Indonesia Reaches 1 Million Subscribers on Youtube!

On Thursday (14/11), at around 21.11 WIB, Diwantara Anugerah Putra or who is often called Tara. Announce passing his personal Facebook account. That the Tara Arts Game Indonesia Youtube channel, which has been working for six years, has reached 1 million subscribers!

Tara Arts Game Indonesia Reaches 1 Million Subscribers After Six Years of Work!

Through her personal Facebook account, Tara, as the owner of the Youtube channel that has existed for six years. Saying a big thank you to the loyal viewers and fans.

“1,000,000 subscribers!!! Thank you very much to the loyal viewers of Tara arts Game Indonesia, who have accompanied us for about 6 years!” Tara wrote in a post on her Facebook account.

Don’t forget to reminisce a little about the beginning of how this youtube channel was formed. He wrote that actually the Tara Arts Game Indonesia Youtube channel was only a transitional form of the English Youtube channel. Namely Tara Arts Game, but in the end the Youtube channel became their main focus.

“Initially, this channel was just a transition from the Tara Arts Game channel (in English), which later became our main focus for having fun (and stupid) playing games together while forming a fun and fun community together!” wrote this man who is good at serious singing.

In the comments column, not a few fans congratulated. One of them is from Ferdiansyah Dwi Rizki’s account. He wrote in the comments column that the 1 million subscribers that Tara Arts Game Indonesia got, was a wedding gift from fans to Tara.

“Congrats bro for the 1 million subs. Maybe this is the only gift from Tara’s subs for her wedding present, 1 million subscribers. Awaited by the new candidate. Ehhh I mean the new video hehehe.” wrote Ferdinand.

One of the pioneers of a Youtube channel containing gaming content, Tara Arts Game Indonesia. Finally reached one million subscribers within six years of active work. They finally got this achievement after passing 200 million views on Youtube.

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