Super Mario Maker 2 Shows New Gameplay Details!

Again, Nintendo revealed the latest details of Super Mario Maker 2 during the Nintendo Direct presentation a few days ago, with the addition of new information in the obstacles and tools section, as well as Single-player story mode with the addition of more than 100 obstacles created by Nintendo, the obstacle sharing feature. online, creating and playing with other players, and special offers for Nintendo Switch Online Members.

Here are the details officially shown:

What’s new in this game?

There’s a huge range of new hurdles, tools and features for creators in Super Mario Maker 2. Some of them have:

  • Slopes – Create a slanted surface by simply selecting a direction and setting the length of the distance. Soft slopes are an additional option.
  • Angry Sun – First introduced in Super Mario Bros. 3. Angry Sun becomes Mario’s enemy who always attacks him who will be ready to annoy players in this game.
  • ON/OFF Switch – Press the ON/OFF Switch, all the red and blue blocks in the obstacle will move. Prepare as you please to create those tricky puzzles and obstacles.
  • Water Level – This water level can be adjusted in the forest setting theme, so only half of it can be underwater if the players want it. The water can even be set to rise and fall at different speeds over time.
  • Banzai Bill – The enemy of mario for the red color variant has a homing function, he can chase wherever he goes.
  • Co-op Making – Give your Joy-stick Controller to your friends to create obstacles together.
  • To Be Continued… – There are still many secrets stored in Super Mario Maker 2. Players can try experimenting with various tools and features that can be used to create.

Lots of interesting features!

Story Modes: On Single-Player Story mode, the game can be played offline. Mario plans to help Princess Peach rebuild her castle. In order to fund the construction reconstruction project, it is necessary to collect coins, which can be obtained by searching for jobs from the bulletin board or completing related obstacles. Story Mode is a great way for creators to get inspired, with over 100 Nintendo-created obstacles to play with.

New Course Themes: In addition to all the original obstacle course Themes, players can create and play obstacles with Desert, Snow, Forest and Sky background themes. This Background theme features new music composed by Koji Kondo, veteran composer of the Super Mario series. The section on the moon obstacle can be used to unlock the night background theme. Depending on the background theme you can access something interesting at night, such as floating goombas, dim lighting in the haunted house and sandstorms in the desert theme. A number of items in-game may change if activate the night background theme.

Super Mario 3D World: Players can choose to create obstacles in Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. view. 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros. U, and the new visuals are from Super Mario 3d World. Some of the new features for the display include:

  • Paint Mario – Mario in this cat costume can climb walls, scratch, slide and bounce at enemies. You can use Cat Mario to climb the flagpole.
  • Clear Pipe – This empty pipe can be placed in any shape you want. Please be careful because enemies can pass through this pipe.
  • Koopa Troopa Car – Ride this vehicle to get past the obstacles. Don’t hit something.
  • Track Block – This block can follow the path of the player’s own creation. The blue color can run when the player steps on it.
  • Piranha Creeper – These enemies can follow any path the player creates, making them extremely dangerous long around obstacles.
  • Who’s Who In Super Mario 3D World? – Many familiar characters will appear in Super Mario Maker 2, so that players can enjoy this game more satisfactorily.

Available online services

Course World: Online HUB created for all players can play and share obstacles, can also be played together. Course World is available to players worldwide, requiring a special Nintendo Switch Online membership. Players can explore popular obstacles, new obstacles or very specific quests such as “Puzzle-solving” or “autoscroll” using special filters. After the obstacles are successfully downloaded, you can play them anytime or offline! There are other features such as the appearance of Mii characters using items such as clothes and hats that can be unlocked when completing certain objectives. In Endless Challenge, players are required to complete as many course worlds as you can from the selected difficulty level before game over. Getting the best score in this mode will make your name appear on the Leaderboards.

Play Together: In Course World, you can play obstacles with people all over the world. When playing with four people you can choose Mario, Luigi, Toad, or Toadette.

  • Multiplayer Versus – Four Players will face each other side-scrolling in online multiplayer. Each player will be assigned a different character, then compete against each other in a randomly selected obstacle course. The player who has completed the first hurdle and can increase the Versus Rating.
  • Co-op Multiplayer – with four players you have to work together to solve obstacles. If one player manages to complete it, then everyone wins.
  • Nearby Play – If four players have a Nintendo Switch and a Super Mario Maker 2 game, one can set up virtual rooms that can be created and assigned via the same location, as well as being able to join their Nintendo Switch. Only players can do the settings and an internet connection is required.

Be a part of them in the world of Super Mario Maker 2!

Super Mario Maker 2 + Nintendo Switch Online Bundle: Launching in Stores and digitally via the Nintendo eShop on June 28 with the addition of the physical game, this bundle includes the Super Mario Maker 2 game and a 12-month special membership for Nintendo Switch Online for a suggested retail price of around $69.99, with $9.99 off if you buy it. buy it separately. Reminder: Nintendo Switch Online special memberships require access to the online features of the game.

Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers: for $99.99, those who already have a paid Nintendo Switch Online membership can purchase two sets of Nintendo Switch Vouchers from the Nintendo eShop. For a limited time, players can activate the voucher for two games on the Nintendo eShop. For example, you can buy Super Mario Maker 2 pre-purchase and you can also buy exciting games like Super Mario Bros. Ultimate, Super Mario Odyssey, Yoshi’s Crafted World, or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. By redeeming the voucher, you get $19.99 off the retail price of both games. This voucher is only actively used for one year on the date of purchase and cannot be used again if it has been used. For more information on this limited time special offer, you can visit

Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2021: On June 8th, 4 members of the Super Mario Maker community can compete in various ways designed by the Nintendo Treehouse Team. This event will be opened at The Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, United States, starting at 11 am, will be followed by Splatoon 2 World Championship 2021 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World Championship 3v3 2021. For complete information about this Event, including ticket information, please visit And Super Mario Maker 2 information can go to official website they.

Official website they also display the same detailed information as the previous Nintendo Direct. Are you ready to play this new Super Mario Maker 2? This game is certainly a must play for you Super Mario Bros fans or new players!

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