Super Mario's 35th Anniversary Hasbro Releases Monopoly & Jenga Game

Hasbro is releasing board games soon (board games) Monopoly and block games (block game) Jenga edition Super Mario latest. This is included in a series of series anniversary celebrations Super Mario 35 years.

Monopoly Edition Super Mario Celebration

Super Mario Monopoly Nintendo

Reported from cnet, special edition Monopoly set Super Mario titled Super Mario Celebration. box art for Monopoly it features a variety of Mario from 1985 to the present.

Player can choose 1 of 6 power-up items, as Superstar or 1-up Mushroom as a pawn for the game. The rules of the game are still the same as regular Monopoly which supports up to 6 players, but is given a slight advantage in the form of adding electronic components, such as sound effects in it.

Super Mario Monopoly Nintendo

Players can buy, sell or rent iconic places based on the world Super Mario. From cheap, like World 1 -1 in Super Mario Bros. to expensive ones like New Donk City in Super Mario Odyssey.

Meanwhile, Super Mario franchise have had party game spin-off, Mario Party which brings joy board games with Mario et al. Games latest in the series, Super Mario Party has been released for Nintendo Switch in 2021.

Previously, in 2021 Hasbro collaborated with Nintendo by launching Monopoly Super Mario Bros. Collector’s Edition which displays Super Mario Brooch. classic. In addition, 2 years earlier they had launched the Monopoly edition The Legend of Zelda.

Monopoly special edition Super Mario It costs US$30 (approximately IDR 442,000) and will be released on August 1, 2021.

Jenga Edition Super Mario

Super Mario Jenga Nintendo

Block games popular Jenga get special edition Super Mario. In this game involving up to 4 people, players can choose to be Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, or Toad to beat Bowser until he goes down a level from the top of the tower by stacking blocks up in turn.

jenga super mario

Jenga Super Mario will be priced at US $ 20 or around Rp. 295,000.

35th Birthday Celebration Series Super Mario Coming soon?

super mario galaxy

As previously mentioned, 2021 will be a special year for Super Mario franchise. Nintendo is reportedly working on an agenda for the celebration.

Lego toy maker has launched Lego sets Super Mario Series and Lego NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Classic which displays Super Mario Bros games. Both Lego sets are interactive and are the first to implement their unique system.

The newest game in the series Super Mario (in the form of spin-off) as of this writing, Paper Mario: The Origami King for Nintendo Switch has been released today (17/7).

Plus, there are fans who managed to find a Twitter account in private mode, SuperMario35. Seen from usernameHowever, it is known that the account will probably become the official account for the series’ 35th anniversary Super Mario managed by Nintendo.

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