Summer Memories Heads West for PS4, Switch, and PC Early 2021!

Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories finally officially got English localization on PS4, Switch, and PC for the United States and Europe in early 2021.

NISA America will be fully responsible for localizing this game. Many are provided in the form of a Japanese dub with subtitles in English language. In addition, this game can be played using Playstation VR.

Previously Granzella only listed website they speak english without indicating localization. Other additions NISA has prepared a standard Edition, limited edition with the addition of a copy of the game, the “First Aid” collector’s edition, soundtrack CD, tag identification, and “Emergency” Bacpack will be available for Pre order through official website.

Here are the latest full details regarding Disaster Report 4 by NISA:

In a quiet summer there is a catastrophic earthquake that has hit the cities, many buildings have collapsed, and life is filled with chaos. To survive, you have to keep walking around the place in terrible conditions. Meet the survivors and determine the right course of action so that it can be an adrenaline rush for a thrilling gaming experience to the end.

  • Stop! Think! Act! – Evaluate your surroundings and make decisions for your own safety and that of all.
  • Breaking from the headlines – interactions with quite realistic scenarios with a corner of a Japanese city that was hit by an earthquake. Some scenarios get official collaboration By Kobe City Fire Bureau.
  • Danger is everywhere – Many unwanted crisis situations, from building collapses to massive fires in this dangerous city.

Granzella previously released Disaster report the first for PS2 by Agetec, while the sequel is titled Raw Danger! on PS2 also get English localization. These two games change many differences from the Japanese version, character names, designs, location objects and places completely interfere with elements of western culture and throw away a lot of Japanese culture.

You can watch trailers premiere Disaster Report 4 via their official youtube here:

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