StoneAge World Game Preview, Get Ready To Travel This June!

Preview Stone Age World – Adventure in the stone age is realized with Netmarble releasing the game Stone Age World in the near future! What’s the fun later?

Adventure with dinosaurs in StoneAge World!

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Stone Age World is a game format mobile the one who continues franchise former IPs, Stone Age Begins. The game which was first released by Netmarble in 2021 is in platform iOS and Android apply system environment in ancient times that contained life when dinosaurs and humans coexisted.

Together with other IPs, namely Blade & Soul Revolution, Netmarble has prepared this StoneAge World game to be released on the media smartphone NawaReaders! planned, Stone Age World will be released in the same mobile app store, namely the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The game will be planned for release at least next week this June for the Southeast Asia region!

Delivered in MMORPG format!

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In Stone Age World this, mechanism gameplay will use an MMORPG format that allows interaction between players in real time real-time. The game prioritizes features turn-based battle which allows the player to decide to take skills which is considered suitable against the opposing dinosaurs.

With the MMORPG format created in the game, it is possible for players to be able to do PvP mode. NawaReaders can pit your favorite dinosaur against the opposing player’s dinosaur in that mode.

Explore the world of antiquity!

World Stone Age World This is quite extensive to explore. Every place requires a minimum limit level players and your average dinosaurs to be able to explore the entire island freely.

Also invite other players to make party in exploring some special places, such as dungeons to find what you need! Synergy a party in solving challenges in dungeons This is very necessary to be able to complete dungeon levels as short as possible.

Don’t forget to take care of your dinosaurs!

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In game preview Stone Age World In this, we will also discuss adventuring features and battles, where you can also raise your dinosaurs in various ways. The maintenance system called in the game with pet system NawaReaders can use this if you want to strengthen your monster’s attack ability. Each dinosaur you get will be treated differently according to the type and rarity, So don’t forget to pay attention to this important thing!

Then, how regularly and the type of food you feed your dinosaurs will affect mood-her, not only levels. Therefore, pay attention to some important details of each of your dinosaurs so you don’t get confused in taking care of them, later you can effect their fight!

Register yourself now!

So, no longer do NawaReaders dream of going to isekai especially dream to the stone age atmosphere in the game StoneAge World! Pre-register on the App Store Has opened and get some great prizes from Netmarble!

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