Starting from a Meme, Now LPG Cylinders Become a Grenade Weapon in Point Blank

Who doesn’t know Point Blank? Games Online FPS is very popular among teenagers in Indonesia until now. The fairly large community in Indonesia makes this game last a long time to this day. There are interesting things happening in Point Blank, reportedly the game adds a 3 KG LPG shaped grenade weapon in the game.

Uniquely, this grenade is in the form of an LPG gas cylinder weighing 3 KG started with a meme in the community Point Blank. Wow, what happens if you fight while fighting with a 3 KG LPG cylinder? let’s look at the report.

Starting from a Memes 2009 era community

Memes regarding the 3 KG LPG cylinder which was used as a grenade weapon in Point Blank it was created in 2021’s. Where at that time, game Point Blank be a game most popular at the time. In memes it looks one of the characters from PB is lifting a 3 KG LPG gas cylinder as a replacement for the K-400 grenade.

As a result, the meme invited the laughter of netizens who at that time liked Point Blank. Even today, fans Point Blank true people don’t forget the uniqueness and cuteness of the meme in its time. Considering the explosion of a 3 KG LPG gas cylinder is big enough to blow up a whole room.

Become a Grenade Weapon in Point Blank

Hi Troopers! It started as a joke to want to throw LPG gas at PB, finally it became a reality! Thank you Mas Ferry Widhiyatno…

Posted by Point Blank Indonesia on Tuesday, August 11, 2021

Thanks to the hard work of the game staff Point Blank, the meme later turned into reality. The LPG cylinder was transformed into a grenade in games PB, and many fans appreciate the content. Through Official Facebook Point Blank, it added the weapon in the game yesterday.

The way this weapon works is the same as a petrol bomb, where when thrown and hits the ground or any object it will explode immediately. This unique in-game content can be enjoyed by players by buying it via the store for 4,320 cash with a one month time limit.

About Point Blank, The Primadonna FPS Game for Teenagers +62

Point Blank is games online FPS that is almost on par with Counter Strike. This FPS game has different game modes with different character choices. Previously, Point Blank held by Gemscool, an online gaming platform that was still popular at that time. But now, Point Blank held by Garrena due to an internal problem.

Point Blank is currently holding a login event in celebration of the 75th Indonesian Independence Day. Every day players can get various in-game items for free. Players only have to log in at 11:00 to 15:00 WIB for 100 minutes to get the item.

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