Some of Alucard's Best Skins, Recommendations for Those ML Hero Lovers

In this article, we will discuss about one of the characters in the Mobile Legend game, Alucard and his various best skins. Players often play this Alucard hero as a jungler because of his ability to do farming quickly. To make it look cooler when playing it, gamers need to have the best Alucard skin recommendations as below.

Alucard’s Best Skin List Including ML Empire Agent Skin

Gamers need to know that Alucard’s hero actually has more than 3 skins that support his appearance to make it cooler when in the arena. These skins have been divided into various categories ranging from ordinary to legendary. Immediately, here are some of the best skins belonging to the hero Alucard as follows:

Lone Hero Skins

This Alucard skin is included in the normal category skin. You can get this skin by buying it on the market using a diamond for 254. This skin makes Alucard’s hero look cooler with his green shirt and sharp sword. Alucard looks like a strong hero when he uses it. For the effect given by this skin, it does not have a striking change.

Skin Fiery Inferno

Alucard’s skin is indeed a seasonal category, more precisely this appeared during season 2 of Mobile Legends. This skin can be obtained by gamers by exchanging it for fragments at the shop available in Mobile Legends.

This skin makes the hero look more frightening because the theme of this skin is hell warrior. This can be seen from the lava design on his sword. The costumes worn also look suitable and make Alucard even cooler.

ML Empire Agent skins

This skin is indeed included in the normal category that gamers can get by buying it quite cheaply during the event. Buddy gamers only need 50 diamonds if you want to get this cool skin permanently.

This ML Empire Agent skin will feature this hero in a brown costume with an appearance similar to that of an agent. With a sword which is the weapon of this one hero that emits light in the middle, making the sword look cooler.

Viscount Skins

This skin is included in this starlight hero category that uses a vampire theme. The effect created by this skin is also quite good in a match. If Alucard uses this skin it will look like a very strong vampire knight. Equipped with a red cape makes it look even more spooky. This skin can be used by gamers by exchanging 200 rare fragments in the available market in Mobile Legends.

Romantic Fantasy Skins

This skin is the best from Alucard’s hero, it is very suitable when used during Valentine’s Day. Hero Alucard will wear white clothes with a sword that has a sign of love. This skin will display the hero with a fashionable appearance and look more handsome. Gamers friends can get this special skin by buying it with 749 diamonds. When using this skin, there will be animation effects that are quite good and funny.

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Those are the best skins that the ML Alucard hero has. Gamers friends can choose one of these skins so that they can display Alucard’s hero to be cooler and better. Hopefully this information can help fellow gamers, happy playing.

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