Skywing FF, New Feature of Free Fire Game You've Been Waiting For

Skywing FF is a new feature in the Free Fire game that will be available on the advance server. Buddy gamers can find it in the collection section. As a new feature, of course Skywing is eagerly awaited by FF gamers.

If you pay close attention, at the bottom right of the Skywing chart there is the words “Surfboard and Parachute will be used to jump from the plane.”. This shows that Skywing has a different function from Parachute and Surfboard.

Skywing Free Fire Functions

Unfortunately, until now there has been no official explanation from Garena regarding the function of Skywing FF. But at first glance it looks like it looks like a jetpack. No wonder many FF gamers guess and assume that this feature is a jetpack.

Whether the guess or assumption is correct or not. But if it’s true, it means Skywing is the first flying feature in the Free Fire game that can be used by gamers to move locations quickly and easily.

But the author himself tends to justify the guess above. The reason is, the word Skywing when translated into Indonesian means ‘air wing‘. Not to mention the shape that resembles a jetpack as mentioned above. So it is very likely that it is a feature that can be used to move places through the air.

But for the certainty of its function, like it or not, gamers have to wait for an official explanation from Garena Free Fire. We can only guess and assume.

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How to Get Skywing FF

Because until now there has been no official explanation from Garena’s side, there is no certainty how to get it. Of course, gamers have been waiting and want to immediately use the new feature, right?

But in the mirror with the previous FF features, to get this latest feature cannot be separated from several things:

Buy it with Diamond

It is possible that Skywing can only be obtained by buying it using diamonds. If that’s the case, my friend, get ready to top up diamonds as much as possible. Because it is possible that the selling price is quite expensive, especially if its function is indeed as air transportation that gamers can use to move from one location to another quickly and easily.

Reward by Carrying out Missions

It is possible that the two Skywing FF features are not purchased using diamonds, but gamers can get them after carrying out the missions set by Garena. If that’s the case, like it or not, you have to do the mission to get it.


That’s the information about Skywing FF which is the latest feature of the Free Fire update in April 2021. Even though gamers can’t wait to try it, like it or not, you have to wait for the official release from Garena Free Fire.

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