Shocking Netizens, PS5 Turns Out Can't Be Used for Bitcoin Mining!

There has been a rumor that the PS5 can be used for Bitcoin mining and all other cryptocurrencies. First hearing the news, netizens were surprised when the PlayStation 5 which was still very rare can be used as a digital money mining machine.

However, is it true that PlayStation 5 can be used to mine crypto money on the internet?

Is it true that PS5 can be used for bitcoin mining?

ps5 mining bitcoin racingsence

Launch from Gadget Tendency, circulating a claim posting from Chinese social media, Weibo, came from a user named RacingSence. He claims that the game console he bought can be modified into a digital money mining facility.

From what can be seen on the screen, RacingSence claims to have succeeded in mining Ethereum cryptocurrency through the latest game console from Sony. In the attached image, it can be seen that at least it works optimally for mining at 98.76 MH/s. Moreover, the consumption of electrical power used is listed to reach at least 221 watts for optimal use.

The reality doesn’t end there…

barcode scanned

Not finished there, there is an image with a QR code that can be scanned through a special application on the cellphone. Maybe for most people, the barcode is just a decoration of the screen the program is using. But what if someone scans the barcode?

Investigate, if you use your cellphone to read the code, a short message has appeared in Pinyin’s writing. If interpreted, the reading listed on the barcode is interpreted as, “There is no Bitcoin mining program, this is just a joke. Hehehe”

However, can you use PS5 or not? Bitcoin mining?

The specifications of the PlayStation 5 focus on performance in micro-architecture Zen 2, relying on Ryzen processors from AMD. This console is also specifically in running the game more smoothly without a hitch through the Radeon GPU graphics card with the RDNA 2 architecture scheme.

Launching from Anton B’s Medium blog, one of the commentators cryptocurrencies, He wrote that the specification made it possible to do mining. However, the software on the console is still closed and until now it is still impossible to mine with the PlayStation 5.

“Even if the hardware is dedicated exclusively to mining, it is impossible to even reach the speed mining around 50 MH/s,” said Anton.

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