Seriously! PUBG Mobile Game Got Blocked In China!

PUBG Mobile is one of the current favorite battle royale games for the smartphone platform. This battle royale game released by the Chinese company Tencent provides the same experience as the PC version of PUBG. Quickly the popularity of PUBG on smartphones managed to beat other battle royale games that had already taken the start.

Although the popularity of PUBG for smartphones is still high, it’s a different story in China. Just heard the news that PUBG Mobile was hit by a case by the Chinese government and threatened to be blocked. How come?!?!?! Let’s find out the news together.

PUBG Mobile Is Closed In China

PUBG Mobile

Last Tuesday, Tencent was forced to shut down their popular smartphone game, PUBG Mobile in China. Some of the players who were there were unable to play this battle royale game. They found a notification that the game was experiencing maintenance. Until 11:30 local time, players can no longer play their favorite games and have been redirected to a new game from Tencent.

Game For Peace, PUBG Mobile Substitute?

Games For Peace

When the players received the notification, they got a new game from Tencent entitled Game for Peace. This game is still in condition open beta and can be played since last Wednesday. Allegedly this game has not received permission from the Chinese government and still has to wait for official approval since early April.

Reasons PUBG Mobile Closed In China

PUBG Mobile

Just like the PUBG incident in Indonesia last March, the Chinese government followed up on games that have elements of violence and terrorism. Moreover, there are lots of minors playing this game regardless of age limit or game rating. For that reason, PUBG Mobile is one of the games that the Chinese government has to shut down.

Reducing the Impression of Violence and Terrorism

Game for Peace has the difference that it will follow the rules of the Chinese government from the existence of games of violence and terrorism. As you can see in the video of one of the Game for Peace players’ tweets, this game provides a unique feature. Where players are killed or soft words are “defeated” other players will give a peaceful gesture. This can give Tencent an opportunity to continue to provide the experience of playing the PUBG battle royale game on smartphones according to the Chinese government’s policy even though they have to change the title.

Game for Peace is one of Tencent’s first games to offer features for underage players. With the strict policies of the Chinese government, it is only natural that Tencent must follow these rules. But they will still provide a battle royale game like PUBG that can be played without being afraid of elements of violence or terrorism.

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