Scary! Here are 10 Horror Games 2021 That Will Give You Goosebumps!

For lovers of horror games, 2021 will present a lot of “scary” titles, both new IPs and remakes of old games. Curious about what horror games will haunt 2021? Check out the list of 10 horror games 2021 below!

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System Shock

This year SHODAN will come back to haunt gamers with its presence remake from System Shock. game aaction adventure sci-fi This horror was developed by Nightdive Studios thanks to funds obtained from Kickstarter.

System Shock brings a new atmosphere in the horror game genre by taking a futuristic setting. Players take on the role of a hacker who tries to stop the plan artificial intelligence named SHODAN. To stop SHODAN the player must explore a starship filled with puzzles.

Little Nightmares 2

After the success of the first game, Tarsier Studios will present a sequel to Little Nightmares. The game is a continuation of the story Little Nightmares but with a new protagonist. Little Nightmares 2 will follow the story of Mono in his quest to escape from various monsters.

Little Nightmares is a horror game genre puzzle-platforming, but the gameplay of the sequel is still unknown.

Ghostwire : Tokyo

After finishing with the series Evil Within, Tango Gameworks announced its newest horror game at E3 last year. Ghostwire : Tokyo is a game third person action with horror elements in it. The player has the task of uncovering the sudden disappearance of the residents of Tokyo.

Until the time this article was written, there is no further information regarding the details gameplay nor the release date for this game.

The Dark Pictures Anthology : Little Hope

Developed by Supermassive Games which also handles Until Dawn, series The Dark Pictures get a new entry that is Little Hope which will color a row of horror games in 2021. The Dark Pictures Anthology is a collection of several horror game titles. The first game from this collection is Man of Medan.

Unfortunately until now the information obtained from this game is only a teaser showing the title of the game Little Hope. Gameplay of the series The Dark Pictures certainly almost similar to Man of Medan.

Remothered : Broken Porcelain

Remothered : Broken Porcelain is a game survival horror sequel to Remothered : Tormented Father developed by Stormind Games. Information about the gameplay of this game is still unknown, but most likely the gameplay will not be much different from the previous game.

Remothered : Broken Porcelain set in Ashmann Inn where players must explore and unravel various mysteries and avoid enemies.

Half Life : Alyx

Many gamers are desperate for a sequel to Half-Life 2 and now it seems that Valve has made the fans’ wishes come true. Although not a direct sequel, Half-Life Alyx presents a new opportunity to explore the world Half-Life.

But to play the game survival horror In this case, fans must use VR. Half-Life Alyx announced exclusively for SteamVR which will be released in March 2021.

Rainbow Six Siege Quarantine

This time it seems the game is a series Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six trying to take the survival horror genre for his latest game. Rainbow Six QuarantineI announced via a teaser at E3 last year. Until now, information about this game has only been obtained from the teaser.

Rainbow Six Quarantine takes place in a future where alien parasites invade the earth. According to Ubisoft, players will work in teams in this game, where the main focus is cooperative PvE.

Dying Light 2

Series Dying Light will get a sequel in 2021. Players will try to survive as Aiden Caldwell by using his parkour abilities. Just like the previous entry, players must avoid hordes of zombies and hostile groups of humans.

Games survival horror It is set in a place called The City which is said to be four times larger than the previous series.

The Last of Us : Part II

One of the biggest game franchises and is predicted to be one of the best survival horror games in the last decade, The Last of Us get a sequel at the end of this generation of consoles. The Last of Us part 2 Set after the events of the previous game, where humanity is at war with zombies.

This time players will play as Ellie who fights against a group of humans. As shown in the gameplay trailer, players will face several new types of zombies.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

After success with Resident Evil 2 in 2021, Capcom is now bringing back our favorite game from the series Resident Evil. After several rumors regarding its development, Capcom has finally announced Resident Evil 3 which is one of the most anticipated 2021 horror games.

In this survival horror game, players will once again plunge into a zombie-infested Raccoon City as Jill Valentine, of course, being chased by Nemesis, who becomes more unpredictable. game survival horror it gets a lot of improvements especially in terms of gameplay and graphics.

Those are 10 horror games that will be present in 2021. How about it, NawaReaders? Which one are you going to play? Tell your opinion in the comments column, OK!

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