Samsung is rumored not to provide a charger for the Galaxy S21

In mid-October 2021, Apple has released iPhone 12 but does not include charger, it is used Samsung to satirize rival products. But a few weeks later, a related rumor appeared charger. Called later when cell phone Galaxy S21 released, Samsung plan not to include charger for the phone.

Rumors Samsung Does not provide charger for Galaxy S21

Quoted from Pocket-lint, a number of media from South Korea reported rumors that cellphones Samsung Galaxy S21 not include charger just like what Apple when releasing iPhone 12.

Rumored in the future all the latest release phones Samsung does not provide charger as Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra. If the rumors are true, then Galaxy S21 be a cell phone without charger first released Samsung.

In addition, other rumors say the possibility is not available on Samsung Galaxy S21. The product is planned to be released in 2021, isn’t it? charger, but headphones.

To date, Samsung has not yet confirmed the rumors circulating. Moreover, previously the South Korean smartphone company had quipped Apple. They are sarcastic Apple for not providing charger on his newest phone; iPhone 12.

Samsung Muploading satirical posts Apple

Not long after Apple released its newest phone, i.e iPhone 12, social media accounts Samsung uploading posts that are considered to be satirizing the product. As in page Facebook The official is below.

rumors of samsung galaxy s21 without charger

#Galaxy You will definitely be given what you need. From the most basic like charger, best camera, battery, performance, memory and even 120Hz smartphone screen.

In the upload on the page, Samsung upload head image charger and added the words “Included with your Galaxy“, which is supposed to be a satire after Apple release cell phone iPhone 12 without chargers.

iPhone 12 Without Chargers

Quoted from Compass, in mid-October 2021, Apple released its newest mobile phone consisting of iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 “regular”, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Max.

And according to the rumors circulating earlier, Apple does not provide charger as well as earphones for buyers who have already purchased the phone.

In the package provided, the buyer is only given a cable lightning to USB-C converter and one cell phone only. Therefore, the buyer feels “obligated” to buy the head charger separately.

Apple the reason behind the removal charger and earphones in order to reduce the impact of environmental pollution. This step can reduce mining activity to be used as raw material for making smartphone accessories.

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