Ryota Osaka Feels Pity with Bennett's Fate from Genshin Impact

Characters from the game Genshin Impact developed by miHoYo, have their own uniqueness. One of the characters from Genshin Impact is Bennett famous for catchphrasehis “bouken da bouken!and the bad luck he had. Bennett’s frequent misfortunes even got the attention of seiyuuhimself, that is Ryota Osaka!

Ryota Osaka’s Response To Genshin Impact

A video from the official Youtube channel Genshin Impact just released. The video introduces seiyuu Ryota Osaka which is seiyuu of Bennett’s character. In the video, Ryota Osaka explains his response to the game Genshin Impact.

He was amazed by how beautiful the game was Genshin Impact. In fact, he really liked how smoothly the animation of the characters and the beauty of the very detailed world provided by the game Genshin Impact.

Often Bad Luck, Bennett Gets Attention From Ryota Osaka

Genshin Impact Bennett

Ryota Osaka also gives an impression on the character he plays, namely Bennett from Genshin Impact. He said the character he played had the nature of being too hasty with Bennett’s misfortune. Wherever Bennett goes, bad luck always haunts him which makes Ryota Osaka feel sorry for him.

Osaka says that Bennett bears a resemblance to her. Ryota Osaka explained that the two of them are people who always think positively. What distinguishes the two of them is that Bennett has high self-confidence, in contrast to Ryota Osaka.

Like Character Type Onee-san

In the video, Ryota Osaka explains that he really likes the characters Ningguang, Beidou, and Lisa. He explained that he has an affinity for this type of character onee-san or older sister. Who doesn’t like this type of character onee-san like Ningguang, Beidou, and Lisa.

If you’re curious, you can watch videos in full via Genshin Impact’s official Youtube channel.

Kinoko Nasu is Addicted to Play Genshin Impact During the Time of a Pandemic

Kinoko Nasu Genshin Impact

Talking about Genshin Impact, story writer Fate/Stay Night, namely Kinoko Nasu, addicted to playing games Genshin Impact. This information comes from the latest magazine Type Moon Ace Vol.13 which has a lot of information about Type-Moon such as the latest game Tsukihime Remake to Fate/Grand Order.

In the interview, Kinoko Nasu received various questions related to her activities during the COVID-19 pandemic which has lasted more than 1 year. To find out more, you can read more through our article here.

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