Rumors of Metal Gear Solid Remake Will Release on Playstation 5

Game series Tactical Espionage Action artificial Hideo Kojima title Metal Gear Solid, his journey has ended. Since leaving Konami, the game has had bad luck in recent years. Then, suddenly a rumor appeared Metal Gear Solid Remake for Playstation 5.

What are the rumors like? Come on, let’s find out more information!

Rumors Metal Gear Solid Remake for Playstation 5

Metal Gear Solid is a classic game that was first released on the Playstation console on September 3, 1998. This game was a huge success with a story similar to a movie. 22 years later, rumors surfaced that the game Metal Gear Solid will be remake for Playstation 5,

This information originated from a Youtuber channel named RedGamingTech. RedGamingTech is known as someone who shares leaked information from the gaming world. On videos he gave the information that Metal Gear Solid will be remake for Playstation 5. This game will return in the form of a full remake, not just port or remaster.

Sequel Coming Soon to Playstation 5

In addition, the sequel games start from Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 3 dan Metal Gear Solid 4 will be re-released in the form of remaster. It’s still unclear whether these games will only make their way to the Playstation 5 as well or release on various media such as PC or Xbox Series X.

What’s Up with Konami?

In recent years, Konami seems very unenthusiastic about making a new game that attracts gamers. What’s wrong with Konami? Some speculations say that Konami is no longer interested in participating in game competition for consoles. Previously we had brought up the news about Konami earning big money from gacha and pachinko games.


I have to admit, mobage gacha is still popular with game companies in Japan. By investing less value than making console and PC games, they can earn extraordinarily high profits. That’s what makes the Konami company tempted to invest in making mobage gacha.

So is the pachinko machine. Konami has always enjoyed the benefits of pachinko gambling machines. By taking some themes from well-known franchises, Konami can easily reap high profits from mobage gacha and pachinko.

To find out more about Konami, you can read our article here.

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