Rose and Camellia Game, Defeat Your Opponent with a Slapping Slap!

You need a game that can entertain yourself right now? Do not worry! Because we have an interesting recommended game that will definitely make you interested and try the game. This recommended game from us is titled Rose and Camellia. What’s the game like? Come on, let’s find out together!

Rose and Camellia, The Game of Slapping All Your Opponents in the Face

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Rose and Camellia is a game smartphone where players will fight against enemies by slapping their faces. You guys read it right, this game is a game Slap Fighting. This is the synopsis of the story in this game.

An elegant, beautiful and elegant historical slap battle of the Tsubakikoji ladies has arrived..
A swipe of your screen will be a slap to the enemy’s face!

This is a stylish, extraordinary and beautiful traditional duel of the Tsubakikoji Family that has lived for a long time.
The main character Reiko marries Shunsuke who is from the Tsubakikoji Family.
But the next day, Shunsuke died.

The Tsubakikoji family begins to torture and oppress Reiko.
Reiko had enough together. One day, he declares war against the Tsubakikoji Family.

“I, Reiko, wife of Shunsuke’s eldest son, will inherit all that belongs to the Tsubakikoji family,” said Reiko.
With the rose that Shunsuke gave in his heart, he stood up for a duel against the family….

Slapping Enemy Faces Elegantly and Fabulous

This game has a very simple battle but has a great aura Fabulous or amazing. When a appears bar meter the one with the “rose flower” image, you can slap your opponent by swiping the screen smartphone.

However, when bar meter shows a “camellia flower” image, it is the turn of the enemy to slap you. And that’s when you have to dodge their slap by swiping in the opposite direction of your enemy’s slap.

Keep Slapping Your Opponents with Lebay!

The speed, distance and accuracy of your screen swipes will be the power of the slap. Always pay attention when the enemy starts slapping you. Pay attention to their movements and the direction of their slaps to dodge. And teach your opponent a lesson with a slap in the face!

Games Rose and Camellia you can download at Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS.

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