Riot Games CEO Jaysen Park Dies of Cancer

After a year of battling cancer and leading Riot Games Korea, CEO Jaysen Park passed away on January 9. Quotes The Loadout, Jaysen was one of the main people who played a role in the development of LCK last year.

Despite his illness, Jaysen Park continued to serve as CEO of Riot Games Korea until the end of 2021. Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent himself responded to the news by describing Jaysen Park as a very great person who has led the company in Korea with integrity and also passion.

Besides tribute from Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent, there’s also tribute from caster LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea) as well as GM 100 Thieves League of Legends Chris ‘Papa Smithy’ Smith, who said Park was working very hard to promote and broadcast LCK to fans League of Legends Champions Korea around the world. Park, according to Chris, is quite a man friendly and easy to talk to.

The head of Riot’s music department, Toa Dunn, also paid tribute to Jaysen Park, who has passed away, for giving impact which was quite positive to him in Riot Music.

Despite his sudden departure, until this news was revealed there has been no confirmation from Riot Games about who will replace Jaysen Park as CEO of Riot Games Korea itself.

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