Re:Zero The Prophecy of the Throne Game Will Release Next Year

A visual novel game from the series Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- title Re:Zero The Prophecy of the Throne will be released next year. Through the story in this visual novel, there will be new characters in the story of Re: Zero, with various ending routes. And also felt what it was like to be Subaru struggling to help Emilia.

Story Synopsis Re:Zero The Prophecy of the Throne

Tells the time after one month Subaru started his new life in the world isekai. Representatives from the kingdom came and announced that the queen’s election was postponed due to some mysterious reason. Intrigued by this, Subaru, Emilia and company returned to the capital. They discovered that the six candidates had also gathered because of the same thing.

The prophecy contained in the Dragon Stone, wrote that only 5 people were genuine candidates. And one more person is an intruder. Emilia, as half-elf which had been underestimated, became the target of everyone’s suspicion.

What truth is hidden behind these conspiracies, betrayals, and murders? Can Subaru prove Emilia’s innocence?

Re:Zero The Prophecy of the Throne

Re:Zero The Phopecy of the Throne will introduce Melty Pristis, a new heroine in the game. In addition, there are also original characters in the game such as Tiga Rauleon, Sakura Element, Salum & Pooka, and Witch Wolf.


The story aspect will be the main focus in this game. Like most visual novels, we will follow the actions of Subaru and his friends to uncover the truth. In order to find the intruder, Subaru must acquire intel and gain the trust of as many allies as possible.

The task is not an easy one, therefore there are various routes that will be taken as the manifestation of ability Return-by-Deathowned by Subaru. During the game, there will be phases free-roam where players can walk around looking for clues, or form relationships with various characters.

As Subaru, you have to prepare everything as well as possible to be able to get through various obstacles throughout the story.

Re:Zero The Prophecy of the Throne Release Multiplatform

Re:Zero The Phopecy of the Throne will be created by Chime Corporation and released by Spike Chunsoft who developed the series Danganronpa. Later, this visual novel will be released for PS4, PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch. For PS4 and Nintendo Switch, there is a special edition containing various additional prizes.

Shinichirou Otsuka will return to draw all the character designs in the game. And Tappei Nagatsuki, the original author of Re:Zero will oversee the story in the visual novel.

Re:Zero The Prophecy of the Throne

Those of you who are in love with Emilia must experience Subaru’s struggles through this visual novel! Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World- Phropecy of the Throne will release on January 28, 2021.

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