Reviews About the Benefits of Playing FF and the Dangers

Playing Free Fire games and other online games is like a double-edged knife, where one side can provide benefits, while on the other hand it can provide danger and harm. Of course, the explanation of the benefits and dangers is independent of the debate about the law of playing Free Fire based on religious scales.

For gamers friends who may not know what the benefits of playing FF are and the dangers, make sure you keep reading the continuation of the review below to find out the answer.

Various Benefits of Free Fire Games

Here are some of the benefits that gamers can get when playing the Free Fire game:

Sharpen the Brain

One of the benefits of playing FF is sharpening the brain. Because victory in the Free Fire game can only be obtained if you are able to apply strategy and logic correctly. Quick and precise decision making is often required when you play this game.

Therefore, FF gamers will get used to sharpening their brains and being trained to be able to set accurate strategies and make the right decisions when playing this game.

Sharpen the Brain

You certainly know that the performance of the right brain is related to creativity, innovation, and the like. Well, when playing the Free Fire game, the ability of the right brain will slowly increase. This is due to the guidance to develop the right strategy and the application of accurate tricks to achieve victory.

In real-world applications, improved performance or right-brain abilities will help gamers to make the right decisions and come up with great ideas.

Overcoming stress

The density of daily work or daily routines sometimes causes stress and pressure on the soul and mind. Therefore, we need activities that can help relieve stress and relieve the pressure felt.

Now, when playing the Free Fire game, gamers can be more relaxed and relaxed, so the stress will slowly disappear and the pressure will no longer be felt.

In addition to the three benefits above, of course there are some other benefits of playing FF that I didn’t have time to review in detail, for example getting used to working with the team, building an optimistic attitude, mental training, and so on.

Dangers of Free Fire Games

It is undeniable that it is not only the benefits that you can get when playing Free Fire. There are also some dangers and harms that can happen when playing this one game or other online games. These hazards and hazards include:


There is no doubt that playing FF games or other online games can have an addictive effect. As a result, gamers want to continue playing the game and spend time just for it. As a result, many important and useful things such as worship, study, work, and the like are neglected.

Not Associating

Someone who is addicted to playing online games usually prefers to be alone in his room and spends time playing games. As a result, he does not get along with neighbors and people around him.

In fact, living in this world requires us to be in society. A person certainly cannot be separated from the need for others, a little or a lot. On the other hand, the real world is a real life that will certainly continue to be lived until the end, while the game is only a world of fantasy and fantasy.

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Harm to Health

Addiction to playing Free Fire games and other online games causes gamers to be lazy to move for a long time. In the long run, this will endanger health because it causes obesity due to lack of movement.

Of course, the dangers and harms mentioned above can occur when gamers cannot control themselves and manage their game time well. Remember, Free Fire and other online games are just a game, not real life. If you gamers are able to control themselves, of course the benefits of playing FF that you will get.

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