Reveal Pedophile Network on the Internet, Youtuber MamaMax's Video Removed!

Not long ago in the YouTube universe, one YouTuber named Max on the official channel, MamaMax, uncovering cases of pedophile networks in children’s sites. However, YouTube removed the video following reports from some netizens, who even rejected the appeal!

MamaMax, Motivator YouTuber Grabs Investigator

For information, Max, or in his YouTube channel known as MamaMax, is a personality who creates unconventional content. He contains several videos of personal investigations about several phenomena of social society.

The man who was born in Texas on October 18, 22 years ago, opened a YouTube channel for the first time on May 23, 2021. At that time, he posted videos of venting that were motivational but contained the opposite, according to what he experienced.

After getting a lot subscribers, He turned into a commentator for some franchise trending games. He then changed the format of the content to become an investigator for several phenomena cybercrime on the internet in August 2021. As of this article, Max has 376k subscribers and watched more than 14 million channels views.

Mystery of the Alleged Predator Network on Children’s Site

KidsChat Pedophile

A week ago, Youtuber MamaMax or Max posted a recent video regarding the investigation of a site chat kids named KidsChat suspected of being a place for pedophile predators. Max pretends to be a 9 year old in a box chat that, fishing for the user fake sends a private message. Loaded with pedophile networks in the video, this YouTuber puts the risk of interacting with these predators.

Most of them exposed their genitals after being lured by Max, confirming the fact that the site became a haven for sex criminals. Some of them are too frontal and their identity is opened to Max’s own fans. He himself has reported the site to the cybercrime division of the US investigative bureau, the FBI.

YouTube Removing Crime Network Investigation Videos?

However, last Saturday after the video was uploaded, YouTube deleted the video on suspicion of harassment, bullying and threats on the internet. Max then filed a review of the video, but the video provider platform rejected his appeal.

Max then opened his Twitter account to communicate with the platform moderator team those videos. He said that the video hit flag by a number of predators who watched the video and were rejected. He also added that the video has censored several personal identities to protect their personal data, and dramatized the video to support the style. story telling-his.

The incident resulted in the entire video being exposed demonetization, aka the withdrawal of the cashing status for the profit based on the number of views.

MamaMax Friends Check The Truth About Predator Existence on KidsChat

In response to the incident, two YouTubers conducted their own personal investigations. YouTuber NightDocs while in contact with Max tries to imitate what Max has done to the videos he deleted.

It was found from his experiments confirming the fact that KidsChat become a dangerous site for minors, even though the theme is fairly friendly. Max said that his videos were removed by YouTube for no specific reason from the platform’s team of moderators.

SomeOrdinaryGamers, a Canadian YouTuber and colleague of Max’s, also analyzed the investigation of Max’s video. According to him, Max has taken the right action to expose a criminal network under the guise of a children’s website, in order to prevent them from falling into the forbidden abyss.

Response from Site KidsChat

KidsChat through his blog, he responded to the accusations expressed in the MamaMax video. In their statement, they denied that the majority of users were children who claimed not to be more than 14 years old.

They also received the report posted by Max, and stated that around 80% of the users who interacted with him were bot only. The statement was then followed by two other posts which they claim to support the evidence.

Something’s Wrong with Clarification KidsChat

The MamaMax community saw that there was something odd about the statement posted by the site.

KidsChat Pedophile

First, the many uses of English grammar that smudged and inconsistent with the facts the video shows. On privacy policy they use language that is friendly to children, even though they use some words that are not appropriate for minors to pronounce.

Pedophile Kidschat

Second, one of the users tries to trace the IP address of the site to find out the exact location of the official office KidsChat the. However, the response from the system replied that the exact IP address came from server CloudFlare, located in the United States. The community suspects that KidsChat operate using VPN from server it, hides the real IP address.

KidsChat Pedophile

Third, one of the fans from Indonesia found several types of advertisements adsense posted on the site. The ads are mostly friendship, relationship and also sensual, which is suspected as a means of provoking predators to visit the service.

What will happen next?

Finally, when the issue of this predatory network was brought up by Max, many users were banned from just asking if the site KidsChat this was fully exposed by Max. This is reinforced by the unsupportiveness of the moderator regarding the complaints of users who are terrorized by criminals, especially if they get banned and cannot use the internet. chatroom again.

The case of the pedophile network that was revealed in the YouTuber’s video above is still ongoing until YouTube responds further regarding the next follow-up for filing an appeal for this MamaMax video. Is this crisis still continuing and is it true that YouTube allows these criminals to roam the internet terrorizing netizens?

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