Resident Evil Village Promotion in Japan, Capcom Releases Special Parody Song

Apparently Capcom uses a unique strategy to promote games latest, Resident Evil Village (Biohazard Village) In Japan. Image Resident Evil which had been attached to the “Western” was brought together with the East.

How to? Capcom made a parody of the song Showa Kayo, to promote Resident Evil Village.

Song Ora Konna Mura Iya Da Lv. 100 Performed Live by the Original Singer, Yoshi Ikuzo

In order to promote Resident Evil Village, Capcom launches the video clip of the song Ora Konna Mura Iya Da Lv.100. The song is based on Showa Kayo and Hiphop legendary Ora Tokyo Sa Igu Da by Yoshi Ikuzo.

Genre Showa Kayo (Kayokyoku) itself refers to Japanese pop songs that appeared in the Showa era. Showa Kayo reached its peak of popularity in the era of the 60s to 80s.

Song Ora Tokyo Sa Igu Da first released in 1984 and very popular at the time. Now, Yoshi, who is already an old man, appears witty in performing this special parody song.

In an interview from behind the scenes video, he felt no trouble when replaying this song for the sake of welcoming games 8th of the series Resident Evil that, even though the song is fast-paced. Even though he had not sung the song for a long time.

As a result, the video released yesterday (4/23) on the official channel Biohazard it has reached more than one million viewers and become trending on Japanese Youtube!

“I Don’t Want To Be In This Village!”

konna mura yes da title card

Yoshi Ikuzo starred in the live music video (MV) of the song Ora Konna Mura Iya Da Lv.100 which is inspired by karaoke video clips in general. Featured interesting scenes that will appear on the games.

While the original song lyrics tell of a person who is so fed up with his village life that he decides to venture to Tokyo, the parody version tells of Ethan Winters’ fate of surviving in a remote village.

The title itself is taken from a snippet of the song’s lyrics which means “I don’t want to be in this (sort of) village!”. As survival horror games, the actions that the player must perform are reflected through the lyrics of this song; must escape from the village alive!

yoshi ikuzo lycan biohazard henshin

At the end of the video clip for the parody song, Yoshi transforms into a Lycan, who is a man-eating mutant creature in games Resident Evil Village.

About Resident Evil Village

Became the 8th series of Resident Evil, Resident Evil Village tells the story of Ethan Winters who investigates a remote and mysterious village. Lady Dimitrescu, the vampire in the form of a “Big Lady” awaits Winters’ arrival in the magnificent castle that stands in the village.

Through an interview from the magazine The Official PlayStation Magazine UK , games this is confirmed to be a continuation of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard according to the producer games, Peter Fabiano.

Resident Evil VIII will release on May 7, 2021 for PS4, PS5, XBOX Series X, XBOX One, and Steam. Especially for the Japanese version will be released in two kinds of versions with rating CERO D (censored) and Z.

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