Resident Evil VIII Village Will Be The Best Survival Horror Game

Gamers’ enthusiasm for the game survival horror latest from popular series Resident Evil, that is Resident Evil Village or Resident Evil VIII very high. Seeing this enthusiasm, the Producer of the CAPCOM company confidently said that Resident Evil VIII Village called going to be a game survival horror best at this time.

Resident Evil VIII Village Will Be Game Survival Horror Best

This information comes from an official magazine interview Playstation Official Magazine issue 185. In the interview, CAPCOM Producer Peter Fabiano mentioned that the latest game Resident Evil will be a game survival horror best at the moment.

In addition, Peter Fabiano also provides a bit of the latest information about the development of the game Resident Evil VIII Village. You can see for yourself the interview with CAPCOM Producer Peter Fabiano which I have translated into Indonesian below.

Playstation Official Magazine 185 Resident Evil VIII Village

Concept and planning is something that comes from the ideas of the developers since the end Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. The team members loved Ethan’s character so much that we created a follow-up story for him. We want to continue what players feel through the experiences that protagonist Ethan Winters faces. Because this is a continuation story of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard.

This will be the target of our vision and mission that we must carry out. And because we share information with each team member, it helps us a lot. Especially in making games survival horror best at the moment.

Rumors Chris Redfield Will Be Playable

Resident Evil 8 Rumors Chris Redfield

Some time ago, there were rumors on the internet that leaked information about this game. One of them is that the players can play the character Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 8 Village.

In this game, Ethan must again face a difficult situation under the coercion of Chris Redfield, Ethan must unravel the mysteries of a village and castle located in a remote mountain area. However, through rumors circulating, it is possible that players will not only play Ethan, but two other characters.

To find out more, you can read more through our article here.

Netflix Just Delivered New Information Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Talking about Resident Evil, the Netflix Anime Festival 2021 event taking place on October 27, 2021 has been announced Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. This is a CG film series of popular horror games Resident Evil entitled Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. Lots information provided by Netflix regarding the CG film series.

A CG film series entitled Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness planned to be broadcast on the online movie streaming service Netflix in 2021. The CG film series will bring back the main characters from the Resident Evil 2 game, namely Leon S Kennedy and Claire Redfield.

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