Reon Pocket, an AC product from Sony that can be taken anywhere

Sony famous for electronic goods products that are always successful in the market, such as Playstation game console, smartphones, TV and much more. This time, Sony announced a product Air Conditioner or abbreviated as AC which is everyone’s solution when entering the summer. The AC product from Sony is called Reon Pocket.

What is this AC product from Sony like? Come on, let’s find out together!

Reon Pocket, Portable Air Conditioner from Sony

Reon Pocket is a Portable Air Conditioner which produced by Sony. This Portable AC was first announced in 2021. Reon Pocket has a small size and even fits in a pocket so that buyers can take it anywhere and anytime. The following is videos promotions from Sony which you can watch below.

Apart from being a temperature cooler like air conditioners in general, Reon Pocket It can also be used as a heating device in winter. This Portable AC can cool temperatures up to 23°C and warms the temperature to 36°C.

As I explained earlier, Reon Pocket It has a small size and can even be put in a pocket. In addition, there is also a section that can attach this tool to the neck collar on the shirt. This Portable AC weighs only 85 grams, so you don’t have to worry about carrying heavy items. Reon Pocket able to last for 90 minutes with a long time charge about 2 hours.

Control Tool Reon Pocket Via App Smartphones

Portable AC from Sony does not need to bother using it. Only with special apps Reon Pocket in smartphones, the user can control this tool like like remote AC in general. The application is available at Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS.

Finally Playstation 5 Will Be Release Soon

playstation 5 ps5 console
Regular version (left) and digital version (right) of the Playstation 5 console | PHOTO: Sony Interactive Entertainment

When it comes to Sony, it’s incomplete if we don’t discuss their new flagship product, namely Playstation 5. On June 12, 2021, Sony held a presentation event about Playstation 5. Many things they announce through the presentation, starting from their physical appearance, games that will be released and abilities hardware on game console the.

The presence of PS 5 has given many positive responses from gamers. Even not long after the announcement of the physical appearance of the Playstation 5, netizens flocked to make memes on the Internet. Of course memes it’s funny and can entertain a lot of people.

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