Released too long, Lovesick is here to replace the Yandere Simulator game

Hi, NawaReaders! Do you still remember the psychopathic girl game that was crazy about senpaiit’s titled Yandere Simulator? After a long time the game was announced and until now we still can’t play it live full. Finally someone made their own game based on Yandere Simulator which name is Lovesick.

What’s the game like? Come on, let’s find out together!

What is Game Yandere Simulator?

For those of you who have forgotten about this game, let me briefly explain its history. Yandere Simulator is a game developed by YandereDev and Alexander Stuart Mahan. This game is a game stealthaction where the player controls a character named Yandere-chan to approach the idol of the heart senpai-his.

Of course Yandere-chan is not alone, there are many other girls who like senpai. Therefore you as players have to use various ways to keep them away from senpai.

Project this started around 2021 in a free discussion forum gameboard 4chan site. At first this game was very enthusiastic by many people. The demo of the game is also regularly played updates by the developers themselves. But after a few years, project this game seems to have died.

Happen Various Troubles and Drama

During the development process, the Yandere Simulator game has experienced various problems as well as drama. Like the game is forbidden Yandere Simulator on Twitch and the trouble between Alexander Stuart Mahan and the fans waiting for the game to release.

Even in Discord Yandere Simulator, people flock to do tire speedrun there shows how annoyed they are at PHP-in by the Developer.

Lovesick Coming to Replace Game Yandere Simulator

After waiting for a very long time this game about yandere girls is fully released, not just demo, someone named DrApeis announced that he and his team made a similar game titled Lovesick. Games Lovesick it is based on Yandere Simulator with several improvements and different designs. You can see trailers Lovesick game announcement below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Game Lovesick

DrApeis also provides answers to the video’s description of common questions. The following are some frequently asked questions and answers from DrApeis.

Q: What game is this?

A: This is a game made differently from Yandere Simulator with some improvements from the original version such as concepts and ideas. This game really focuses on the nature of a yandere actually, not a school girl who likes to kill without emotion. (yes although you also have the option to kill anyone, it’s up to you!)

Question: This Mod?

Answer: No! This is completely new game.

Q: Why Taichi (senpai) and Aoi(yandere-chan) looks different?

A: We remodeled Aoi and Taichi to look more like anime characters! I like style and feelit’s more suited to the game.

Q: When can we try the game?

A: Right now, I’m working on the first rival, and once it’s done I’ll give it to you pre-demo for some people as test game. If the game goes well, I’ll go ahead and finish the 2nd rival and release it demo by on line with version 2 of this rival.

Q: How long did this game take based on this video?

A: About 2 weeks. Programmer others and I worked hard to make this game as great as possible, great to play and definitely a lot of fun. (I’m not kidding, in the video the game was made in only 2 weeks.)

What do you think about the game Lovesick. Interested in trying the game and switching from the game Yandere Simulator who knows when the game will be released. Let’s just pray game Lovesick really developed more seriously than from YandereDev.

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