Released November 15, Here are the Latest Details of "Pokemon Sword and Shield"

Pokemon Sword and Shield was first announced on February 27 yesterday. Games It was developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokémon Company.

On June 5, 2021, Nintendo again brought more information through its latest Pokemon Direct. This Pokemon Direct lasts 15 minutes where we are treated to the latest information and mechanics about this Gen 8 Pokemon.


Here are some explanations of the features and mechanisms in games.


  • We can control the camera to set view in games.
  • Wild Area : The vast wilderness between the cities. The weather in the game can change, this also has an impact on the type of Pokemon that will appear in the wild when we are adventuring.
  • New features Dynamax : make Pokemon giant size, increase power. Can only be used once in each battle, after which the size of the Pokemon will return to its original form.
  • Feature co-op Max Raid Battle : up to 4 players can play together to fight the boss raid. This feature is a first in Pokemon history. Fighting bosses can also use Dynamax. Within 1 party, there will only be 1 player who can use Dynamax. If boss raid successfully defeated, the boss can be captured. (*requires Nintendo Online Service membership)

New Character

Here are the characters that will appear and accompany us on our adventures.

  • Leon : A trainer greatest and also the number 1 champion in Galar at the moment. He has a great unbeaten record. Its high popularity is supported by its cheerful nature. All the residents of Galar were very supportive of him.
  • Hop : Leon’s younger brother. A trainer young man who has the desire to beat his older brother and become trainer number 1 in Galar.
  • Magnolia : Professor at Galar who specializes in researching the Dynamax phenomenon.
  • Sonia : Magnolia’s grandson, who also serves as his assistant.

New Pokemon

The new territories of course have new Pokemon that we’ve never seen before. Here are some of the new Pokemon that we can meet in the Galar area.

  • Zacian (Legendary Pokemon from Galar/Sword)
  • Zamazenta (Legendary Pokemon from Galar/Shield)
  • Wooloo (Pokemon Sheep)
  • Gossifleur (Flower Pokemon)
  • Drednaw (Bitter Pokemon)
  • Corviknight (Pokemon Crow)


At the start of the game, we can create our own character. There are 2 genders that we can choose, namely male or female.


At the beginning of the start games, there are three Pokemon starter which you can choose to accompany your adventure. Grookey grass type, Scorbunny fire type, and Sobble water type.

double pack

Pokemon Sword and Shield itself is planned to be released on November 15 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. There is also a Double Pack edition for those of you who want to buy both versions directly Pokemon Sword and Shield.

You can see livestream his here.

Pokémon Direct 6.5.2021

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