Register FF Scar Blood Moon Shopee Redeem Code, Get Your Gift!

Gamers friends, in this article I will share the FF Scar Blood Moon Shopee Redeem Code. By exchanging the code, you will get a skin in the form of a Blood Moon Shopee gun for free.

As gamers who have played FF for a long time, of course you understand that the battle in the battle royale game is not an easy thing to win. If you want to dominate the battle and achieve booyah, gamers must have adequate battle skills and get support for premium items such as weapon skins that can strengthen the FF character you are playing.

Unfortunately, premium items are not something that can be obtained for free. Generally, you have to buy these items using a lot of diamonds. If you don’t have diamonds, you have to top up diamonds first.

The problem is, the cost for diamond top up is not low. Even though exchanging it at exchange places that are known to be cheap. If you are a sultan, then exchanging lots of diamonds is not something difficult.

But what if you are mediocre gamers? Of course my friend will have trouble right? Well, with certain events that allow you to get premium items for free, of course you have the opportunity to get them for free. Therefore, my friend should not miss the opportunity. Not necessarily a friend gets the same opportunity a second time.

What is Scar Blood Moon Shopee?

FF Scar Blood Moon Redeem Code Shopee

Please note that Shopee’s Blood Moon Scar is an event organized by Shoppe for new users of the shopee application. At this event, gamers can get a free redeem code which can later be exchanged for a Scar Blood Moon Shopee gun.

So what if you are an old Shopee user? Can you get it? The answer is yes, but you can’t if you use a new account. If you are an old user, like it or not, you have to use new data after downloading the Shopee application, so that you are counted as a new user.

Of course, the FF redeem code to get Shopee’s Blood Moon Scar is the result of a collaboration between Free Fire X Shopee. So, my friend must be a FF gamer and a new user of the Shopee application to be able to get it.

A Brief About Scar Blood Moon Weapon

As a weapon that is included in the premium item category, of course the ability of Scar Blood Moon cannot be underestimated. Because, if the ability of this weapon is mediocre, it is impossible to include it as one of the premium items distributed in certain events.

Seeing its frightening appearance, the ability of this weapon is unquestionable. The combination of red and yellow with the addition of white patterns further shows the dominance of this Blood Moon Scar.

Coupled with the presence of a white mask on the body of this weapon, it makes the impression of being tough and reliable even more felt, especially when attacking at night, because the mask will be clearly visible when illuminated by moonlight. The dominance of the red color seems to indicate a bloody night will be created due to this weapon.

The ability of this weapon is able to increase damage by two points. Therefore, by using this weapon, you can immediately kill the enemy and send him back to the lobby with just one shot. Of course my friend will more easily dominate the battle with the help of this weapon.

What’s so special about this Redeem Code?

Maybe some of you gamers are wondering about the specialty of this FF Scar Blood Moon Shopee Redeem Code. You need to know that the redeem code that you will get at least has 3 features, namely:

Get It For Free

By exchanging the redeem code above, gamers can get the promised premium items without having to spend a dime for free. You don’t need to spend diamonds to buy them or force yourself to spend money to top up diamonds so you can buy the promised items.

Because, you can get the premium item in the form of Scar Blood Moon only by exchanging the redeem code. Simply by following the redemption steps that will be mentioned at the end of this article, you can already get the prize.

Getting Premium Items

Even though the item that you will get by exchanging the redeem code is free, it does not mean that the item is mediocre. In fact, the item you get is a rare premium item, namely Scar Blood Moon. With a high level of damage, this weapon will help you dominate the battle and achieve booyah.

Different Redeem Codes

Generally, the redeem code obtained is the same from one another. So gamers must compete to exchange it before it expires or the exchange quota has been claimed by other gamers.

But it’s different from the FF Scar Blood Moon Shopee Redeem Code, where the redeem codes you get are different. That is, the code that you get will not be the same as the redeem code that other gamers get. That way, you don’t have to compete with other gamers in making exchanges, because everyone gets their own redeem code.

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How to get Shopee FF Scar Blood Moon Redeem Code?

To get the Shopee FF Scar Blood Moon Redeem Code is very easy, you just need to follow the steps I will mention below.

But before that, gamers should look for more information about this event first. You can use the Google search engine to get more information about this event.

In addition, I need to remind that the redeem code will only be obtained by new users. If you are an old user, you will have to create a new account to get it.

Alright, here are the steps you need to do to get the redeem code:

  • First, login to the Shopee application account, gamers friends.
  • After logging in, please do a search by typing the keyword Free Fire in the search feature, or you can also directly click on the Free Fire logo.
  • After clicking, you will be directed to join the Shopee Gun Skin Blood Moon event. If you want to get the redeem code, you just need to press the “SHARE NOW” button.
  • Next, you just need to share the event information to various social media that you are active in.
  • After sharing the event information, please return to the start page of the Blood Moon Gun Skin Event in the Shopee application.
  • Later a pop up will appear there containing a notification that your friend has successfully obtained the Gun Skin Scar Blood Moon.
  • Next, my friend just presses the code “Claim your code” and presses the “Claim your code” button again.
  • After that, a Scar Blood Moon Free Fire Redeem Code will appear specifically for personal friends, because other people’s redeem codes will not be the same as the redeem codes that you get. Well, continue by pressing the “Copy Button” so that the redeem code is copied and gamers can save it to be exchanged for the promised prize
  • Finished.

After you gamers get the redeem code by following the steps above, of course you haven’t got the prize. Because, my friend still needs to make the exchange first.

To make an exchange is not difficult, because my friend just clicks on the following link and follows the steps for exchanging the redeem code which is often shared on this site. If you are still confused, please just click on the following link to follow the conversion steps mentioned at the bottom of the article. Good luck exchanging it.

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