Register FF Redeem Code April 1, 2021, Let's Exchange the Prize!

In this article, the admin will share the latest FF 1 April 2021 redeem code update today. By exchanging the code, you will get various attractive prizes that will be useful to help strengthen your FF character.

Various items that are promised you will get when you exchange the redeem code, namely bundles, magazines, armor, skins, weapon skins, pets, and many others. Of course, you will get this gift if the code exchanged is still valid.

Therefore, my friend must immediately exchange the code. Because it does not rule out the possibility of being expired or has been claimed by other gamers. If so, of course my friend will not be able to exchange it again.

List of FF Redeem Codes April 1, 2021

Alright, so that fellow gamers can immediately exchange their prizes, here I mention the list of redeem codes for today’s update:

  • KL97-RWY3-L0K3
  • UEHM-P9L2-2ESP
  • FF9M-L9X4-USPE
  • FF4L-AN47-KL78
  • FF4M-CKL4-QA2B
  • FFES-CB81-LP79
  • B6DK-9TK2-Y2NM
  • E9XC-UWHD-54J2
  • FFML-SDY9-JI41

Important Points You Need to Know

Before exchanging the latest FF April 1 2021 redeem code today, my friend needs to know some important things related to it. These important things are:

Redeem Codes are Territorial

Any code shared is only territorially valid. This means that you can only redeem and get the prize in the country where the code was distributed. If you exchange the redeem code that is shared in Indonesia in Singapore, for example, of course the code will be invalid or cannot be exchanged. Likewise with other countries.

Redeem Code Consists of 12 Characters

Have you ever paid attention to every redeem code that was shared? It is clear that the character consists of 12. The character is a combination of numbers and letters. That is, if you get a list of codes that are less or more than 12 characters, it means that the code is invalid or incorrect. You won’t be able to exchange it.

Redeem Code Has a Time Limit

Each redeem code that is distributed has a time limit for redemption or expiration. Buddy will not be able to exchange it for various promised items if the code has reached the set time limit. Therefore, my friend must immediately exchange it as soon as he gets the code.

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How to Make an Exchange

Even though you are relatively new to the FF game and have never exchanged a redeem code before, it is guaranteed that you will not be confused in making the exchange. The steps for conversion are as follows:

To see the prizes, please check your FF in-game mail. If you have entered, it means that the exchange step was successful. Hope it is useful.

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