Rakugaki AR, The App That Can Make Your Pictures Move!

Recently, App appears where users can make someone’s image move. Yes, the name of the app is Rakugaki AR.

Quoted from PR Times, an application developed by a Japanese developer named Whatever Inc it was officially released on Saturday (1/8) and is still limited to the operating system iOS Only those who can download and use the application.

For the first 1,000 downloaders, users can have the app for free. However, after reaching the target, other users are required to buy at a price of 120 Yen or 15 thousand Rupiah only.

Brief Information About This Application

AR or Rakugaki AR is an application that utilizes technology Augmented Reality (AR) where users can make the images they create look alive and can interact like pets.

It doesn’t matter which image media is used like whiteboard, notebooks, HVS paper and more, this app can detect the images you create to make them move and look alive.

Besides being able to move, users can also interact with the images they create, such as feeding, playing, and joking together.

How to Use Rakugaki AR

First, the user draws the image they want to be able to move and interact with, next scan the image is using the phone’s camera, finally wait a few moments until Augmented Reality from the application is ready and finished, the image you make can move like a living creature.

Unfortunately this application is only available for operating systems iOS 12.0 and above only, and it is not known for sure when this application will be available for the operating system Android.

Testimonials Netizens Related to the Application

Who would have thought that this application received quite a positive response from netizens, where not a few are happy because they can feel the experience of the images they make can move like living creatures in general.

As account does Twitter @skaharumi by uploading a picture of the “Legendary Elephant” that was drawn by one of the seiyuu from anime Love Live Sunshine, which then afterscan using the application, the elephant image can instantly move.

For those of you who use cell phones iPhone or iPad with operating system iOS 12.0 and above, you can download the app here.

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