PUBG Redeem Code List April 12, 2021, Let's Exchange Prizes

Friend gamers, in this article I will share the PUBG redeem code April 12, 2021 update today. By exchanging the code, fellow gamers will get many attractive prizes in the form of premium items in the PUBG game.

Exchanging the redeem code is indeed one of the legal ways to get premium items for free. Although there are many cheat or mod methods that can be used to get PUBG items, these methods are not recommended for gamers because they harm certain parties.

Oh yes, as the Free Fire redeem code has an expiration date, so does the PUBG redeem code. Therefore, gamers friends must immediately exchange the code before the expiration date arrives or it has been claimed by other gamers.

PUBG Redeem Code List 12 April 2021

So that you gamers don’t have to wait long, here I share a list of redeem codes so you can exchange them immediately.


PUBG Redeem Code List 1April 2021

In addition to exchanging the redeem code for today’s update, gamers can try to exchange the redeem code for April 2021, because it is very likely that there is still a valid code. Here’s a list of codes:

  • 5FG10D33
  • CBS8W8W
  • D70FYU5N0
  • UCBYSD600
  • MS4PWE32OUF1

Oh yes, regarding the redeem code above, you need to know that the redeem code can only be exchanged in the country where the code was distributed. Because, the redeem code is regional or applies in each country.

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If you gamers want to exchange the PUBG 12 April 2021 redeem code, today’s update or the April 2021 redeem code, you just have to follow the redemption steps that I will mention below.

The conversion steps are as follows:

  • First, go to the official PUBG page at the url:
  • Next, enter your PUBG Character ID, friends.
  • Continue by entering the redeem rod that you already got.
  • Enter the requested verification code.
  • Done, my friend just looks at the prize in the Inbox in the PUBG game.

So what prizes will you get if the redeem code is valid? The prizes are PUBG premium items, such as characters, weapons, magazines, and others.


That’s the information about the list of PUBG redeem codes for April 12, 2021 that I can share in this article. Immediately exchange it after you get the code, so you can immediately enjoy the promised prize. Interestingly, all prizes are free and legal.

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