PUBG Redeem Code List 20 April 2021, Come on Get the Prize!

Dear gamers, the list of PUBG redeem codes for April 20, 2021, which is today’s update, I deliberately share so that you have the opportunity to get the prize. The reason is that the prizes offered can be obtained for free without having to buy them.

As gamers know, premium items in the PUBG game are on average sold at a fairly expensive price. You have to pay a lot of money to top up PUBG so you can get PUBG currency if you want to buy it.

But by exchanging the redeem code that was shared, you have the opportunity to get all the prizes for free. Wow, interesting isn’t it?

What’s the Prize?

As mentioned above, the prizes that you will get if you succeed in exchanging a valid redeem code are premium items that will certainly strengthen the PUBG character you are playing.

With the help of these items, friend gamers certainly have a greater chance to dominate the battle.

The prizes that you will get are the latest characters, weapons, vehicles, and several other items. Everything is a premium item, not a fake. The cool thing is, all the prizes you get are free and legal.

Maybe some gamers can get a lot of premium items through cheat methods and the like. But remember, these methods are illegal and detrimental to other parties. It is different from exchanging the redeem code which is legal because it is directly from the PUBG game developer.

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PUBG Redeem Code List 20 April 2021

After reading the reviews above, maybe some gamers can’t stand to exchange it. Alright, here I share a list of redeem codes April 20, 2021 which is today’s code update:

  • NVLSKHMNAB (Joker weapon skin prize)
  • LBJAVWIBVAW (Rewards SCAR-L weapon skin)
  • VALWCBAHBS (Legendary outfit rewards)
  • HJ8VAUBSMVL (PUBG KR redeem code)
  • LKJASBVG3AIH (PUBG UC redeem code)
  • UILVWANKJSV (PUBG Mobile character voucher redeem code)
  • WOPWBVHAKH (Redeem code PUBG Mobile Elite Pass)

After you gamers get the redeem code, what needs to be done next is to exchange it. Because you can get the prize later if the redeem code that is exchanged is still valid.

If you want to exchange it, just follow the redemption steps below:

  • First, go to the prize redemption page at
  • Enter your PUBG Character ID.
  • Then enter the redeem code above (try one by one).
  • Continue with verification
  • Finished.

After making the exchange as shown above, then you just need to check the prize in your PUBG account Inbox.

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