Practical Canadian-made COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit Ready to Use

A Canadian scientist managed to make a tool COVID-19 rapid test practical and also portable. This test kit has received approval from the local health authorities and is ready for mass distribution exclusively for Canada. Not yet known for sure whether the tool will also be distributed en masse to the whole world or only countries around Canada.

What kind of tool do you think? COVID-19 rapid test practically made in Canada? Let’s take a look at the report.

Tool COVID-19 Rapid Test Which Is Very Practical And Easy To Use

As reported by cbc, tool COVID-19 rapid test made in Canada is believed to be very practical and also easy to use. Paul Lem, CEO of Ottawa’s Spartan Bioscience demonstrating tools rapid test made by his agency and is believed to be effective in conducting tests for his patients.

The device has been equipped with DNA capable of providing 15 different test results. From saliva tests to swab test. The time needed to see the test results is quite short, only needs 60 minutes. And if the tool can beupgrade, then the user only has to wait for 30 minutes.

Approved by the Government and Health Canada

The Canadian government has given the “green light” for the device to be immediately distributed to conduct mass testing for COVID-19 in its country. Remember, some tools COVID-19 rapid test began to be difficult to find and became a step item on the market. It is planned that 40,000 units of these tools will be distributed to the community and the health sector to help implement COVID-19 rapid test in his country.

Released Exclusive to His Country

Paul Lem added that there are already many countries that want to order tools COVID-19 rapid test made in order to shorten the performance of the virus test. However, due to the country’s imports and exports being hindered due to the virus outbreak Corona, he was forced to distribute the tool only to his country.

This is because several tool production factories COVID-19 rapid test in some countries began to close due to being overwhelmed by receiving many orders. Therefore, Paul Lem will only focus on distributing his tools to the Canadian community and its surroundings.

It is planned that the tool will be distributed to the public and Canadian health authorities to carry out rapid test mass. It is hoped that this tool will also be able to reduce the death rate of its citizens due to COVID-19.

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