PlayStation 4 FIFA 20 Bundle Packs Ready to Hunt 27 September

Good news for football maniacs. Sony will present the PlayStation 4 (PS4) console bundled with the FIFA 20 game on September 27.

Packages named PlayStation®4 FIFA 20 Bundle Pack it doesn’t just come with consoles and games. It also comes with a pair of DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controllers, a 3-month PlayStation®Plus subscription voucher and an additional 1-year console warranty.

Meanwhile, the FIFA 20 game itself is available on Blu-ray discs. Although this bundle only includes the version Standard Edition, Sony has prepared bonus content in the game made by EA Sports.

Bonus content on PlayStation®4 FIFA 20 Bundle Pack includes vouchers FIFA 20 Ultimate Team™ (FUT 20). It includes 1 Rare Gold Players pack and 3 ICON Loan Players for 5 games.

The entire package above complements the main device itself, the PlayStation 4. The console comes in Jet Black color. The storage capacity provided is also quite spacious, namely 500 GB.

This PlayStation 4 and FIFA 20 game package can be obtained by spending Rp. 5,699 million. To get this console officially, you can visit the listed shops at the following link.

FIFA 20: Can Play Futsal, Excellent Image Quality

FIFA 20 for PlayStation 4 Comes with a number of excellent features

FIFA 20 is a soccer game by EA Sports created with engine Frostbite 3. This game is available on various platforms, one of which is PlayStation 4.

EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 for PlayStation 4 brings two sides of a playable soccer game. In addition to international competitions that have been the main dish of the FIFA game series so far, it also includes the experience of playing street football.

Through a new feature called EA SPORTS VOLTA, players can feel the atmosphere of street football and futsal. The more realistic atmosphere promises a more real experience for players.

Delivering HDR image quality and 4K resolution, FIFA20 promises attractive picture and animation quality and spoils the eyes of PS4 and PS4 Pro users.

Other features that are no less important are FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. Through this feature, players can arrange their own dream squad to become an unbeatable team in every game. A number of famous soccer celebrities can be ‘recruited’ to the dream team.

This will be the first FIFA series not to include Juventus, the Italian team, after the license was taken over by another soccer game. Cristiano Ronaldo’s team and friends will use the name Piemonte Calcio with slight modifications to team attributes.

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