Players Can Acoustic Ria in Minigame The Last Of Us 2

Three days since the launch of the game The Last Of Us 2, a minigame attract the attention of netizens and fans franchise the. The reason is, NawaReaders can play the guitar and bring all the songs you know very!

All Songs Can Be Played In Minigame The Last Of Us 2

In the game The Last Of Us 2 (TLOU2), you can find guitars throughout the game’s story. Site GamePressure note, in the game’s prologue chapter, you can find a guitar in a music store in the middle chapter the. Then, you will also find the guitar again in the cinema and can be accessed in the middle of the game’s story.

Various songs that can be played include Creep from Radiohead, Seven Nations Army from The White Stripes, and many others. Playing the guitar puts more emphasis on function touchpad in stick Dual Shock 4 which gives you more freedom to act.

Ellie B Fansand Noah?

Can’t play guitar if you can’t play this song

Posted by Megi Mulyadi on Saturday, June 20, 2021

An Indonesian netizen named Megi Mulyadi had recorded the game playing a piece of the initial song from the band Noah, All about us, yesterday. “Can’t play guitar yet” if not can this song,” the netizen guessed in his video post.

Until this article was published, So far, 35000 times Facebook users have watched the video, with more than 2200 shares, 928 buttons react and opinions of approximately 200 seeds.

It is reported that the netizen will try to play full the song which he said would take about an hour to rehearse the song. What will happen if Ellie plays a song All about us one full song, huh?

The Last Of Us 2, Can It Match The Game’s Prequel?

The Last of Us tell about America after the outbreak of mutation Cordyceps Fungus which makes a lot of people become zombies or infected. Players take on the role of Joel, a survivor assigned to take a young girl somewhere on an important mission.

For the second sequel, players take on the role of Ellie, a young girl who accompanies Joel, who becomes the first-person point of view in the continuation of the game’s story. TLOU Franchise It is also rumored to be adapted as a TV series to be produced by HBO.

However, some players who have finished playing the game are very dissatisfied with this game from the developer Naughty Dog. This has led to many controversies that arise in the game which contains sensitive themes that should not be relevant in the original story.

However, the news portal gaming appreciated the game with near-perfect scores in all aspects, including GamesRadar and Metacritic.

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