PewDiePie Donates $10000 To Honor Ethics

Felix Kjellberg, better known as YouTuber PewDiePie, has donated more than IDR 140 million ($10000) to content creators for mental health charities following the death of Ethics.

About Ethics

Etika is a YouTuber with the real name Desmond Amofah. He was found dead last June after publishing a worrying post. The videos he uploads are usually related to Nintendo games.

Within seven years, he managed to get more than 800,000 loyal followers on YouTube and Switch. He calls his followers JoyCon Boyz, after the name of the controller used on the console Nintendo Switch.

PewDiePie’s Role

PewDiePie shared a tribute to Ethics after death was confirmed, telling his followers:

“It’s hard to realize that he’s really gone, leaving us too soon. You will continue to live in our hearts. Rest in peace @Etika”

He then added,

“If you’re struggling mentally, talk to someone close to you or call, if you think it’s important!”

He also distributed emergency numbers for several countries.

PewDiePie donated $10,000 to a charity, Play with PewDiePie ft. Jack Black, whose aim is to create a platform to bring awareness to mental health issues among content creators.


GoFundMe they have exceeded their $30,000 target. On the charity’s collection site it says,

“Over the past few years, celebrities, YouTubers, streamers and influencers have faced tremendous public pressure that has resulted in the loss of their mental health.”

“Because their careers require them to be the subject of public scrutiny, many of them are most vulnerable to the challenges social media creates for mental health.”

DLive’s mission is to create a live streaming platform that empowers creators and viewers through a revolutionary reward system that proves the fact that we care about streamers and viewers.

“We have decided to continue to bring awareness to this issue and showcase our support initiatives that fight for mental health awareness and care globally.”

Donations will be made to support the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), which helps Americans with mental illness. .

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