Permanent PUBG Redeem Code Get it Right Now

On a whim, checking the Indonesian trend, quite surprised that many PUBG players are looking for Permanent PUBG Redeem codes, of course this really attracts our attention, is there actually a permanent prize code? For that we try to find it in detail to find out about it.

Is there a permanent PUBG Redeem Code?

PUBG Redeem Code is permanent

Based on our observations by surfing the internet with the keyword “Permanent PUBG Redeem Code” We did not find what was relevant to this search, there was only a gift code based on the date which could not necessarily be used.

It’s not that there isn’t, but it seems that the redeem code was indeed given by the PUBG developer, namely Tencent as a form of gift in an event, so its existence can be very difficult to obtain. But don’t be discouraged, because you can get the code to exchange for items by following social media from PUBG Mobile.

Because it is not impossible for the developer to share it for free on their social media and coincidentally, my friend is one of the active fans and gets it.

PUBG Random Redeem Code

Instead of getting discouraged looking for a permanent PUBG redeem code, it’s better to try some of the redeem codes we got below, but we don’t promise that the code can still be used, because indeed one code can only be used once for one PUBG user, but if possible try it why not.

  • BNBEZBZECU (Dawn Walker Set and Dawn Walker Shoes, 1 day)
  • BMTJZDZPPK – 10x AG, Jester Hero Headgear (1 day trial)
  • BMTLZCZBUB – 3x Supply Crate Coupon Scrap, Meadow Backpack (7 days trial)
  • VEZIRBEYEID – GVK Parachute (1 day trial) – BRAEID – Kong Team – Pan (1 day trial)
  • EGOISTPATIEID – Kong Team – Pan (1 day trial) – DOCHEID – Kong Team – Pan (1 day trial)
  • MEZARCIEID – Kong Team – Pan (1 day trial)

Yes, even though the PUBG Redeem Code that we mentioned above is only for trial items, it’s not permanent, but at least you can try some premium items, even if it’s only for a while.

How to claim PUBG Mobile redeem code

For friends who don’t know how to claim the Redeem code to get the PUBG premium items above, here’s how:

  • Redeem Code redemption can be done at the following link.
  • Fill in the form provided, there are Character ID, Redeem Code and Verification Code.
  • Your Character ID can open PUBG Mobile and go to the profile section. Just below your account name is a row of numbers, that’s Character ID.
  • Follow to completion and click Redeem
  • If successful, the prize will be sent via Mail in PUBG Mobile.

Instead of looking for a permanent PUBG redeem code, it’s better to try some of the codes we mentioned above. Hope it is useful !

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