Pekalongan Citer Never Sells COD Mobile Cheats

Disclaimer: With this clarification, it doesn’t mean I support it illegal programs (cheats). I just want to prevent more victims from irresponsible people from taking advantage of this moment, and for some reason, I can’t give link sourced from the Pekalongan Citer site to prevent dissemination cheats.

As we already know, there was news that it was only a day before the Call of Duty game Mobile release, has appeared illegal program or better known as cheats. Is known cheats It was developed by the Pekalongan Citer community.

Quoted from Gamebrot. a Fan Page Facebook named “Cheat Pekalongan VIP” claims to have found cheats for CoD Games Mobile. Cheats provided are: WH (Wallhacks), ESP Items & Players, Aimbots, and No Recoil.

But it turns out cheats it’s not free, they charge around 150 thousand Rupiah for cheats which only works for 30 days and 320 thousand Rupiah for cheats permanent.

Fact Check

Nawala Karsa again did a fact check to make sure it was true that Pekalongan Citer was selling cheatshis. By quoting from Fan Page Indonesian Hoaxes which performs a more in-depth search.

It turns out that Pekalongan Citer is good through its website which I can’t mention and Fan Page-nya made a clarification that they never sell or set a price cheats made by them.

Clarification of Pekalongan Citer

City of Pekalongan never sells city/cheats. Please be careful if there is a Pekalongan VIP city/cit seller on behalf of Pekalongan City” type in Fan Page.

Especially when I do a search again about the authenticity of the image that is claimed to be cheats by the fraudster, it turns out that the photo claimed is cheats created by Pekalongan Citer Taken from screenshots a video on the YouTube site.

Screenshots This is taken from a video entitled “Call of Duty Mobile Cheat” which was uploaded by AnC1 on December 15, 2021.

Left: claim.  Right: original

So it can be concluded that they never sell or fix prices on cheats that they make.

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