Peel Completely the Beginning of the Popularity of the Game Among Us

It’s been more than a month or two after the game Among Us instantly became viral and played by many people, even rivaling Fall Guys which are both popular at the moment.

Quoted from KnowYourMeme, a game developed by a developer named Innerslot it’s actually been released in 2021 and can be played well on PC or smartphone, together with the video release trailers on the canal YouTube-his.

Investigating Who Popularized This Game

The year before, actually a game Among Us this has been played by quite a lot of streamer, as for example in mid-May 2021, a YouTuber Brazilian origin named Gonedot uploaded content Let’s play where in the video he is playing the video, and gradually, he continues to upload similar content at least until May 31st.

A few weeks later, YouTuber Egyptian origin named EstubeGaming uploaded similar content on the channel YouTubeand has been viewed 3.3 million times.

After that, then the game Among Us became known among YouTuber others, but still limited to YouTuber from the Middle East and South America.

Back to Popular to Worldwide

At the beginning of 2021, the game became popular again after YouTuber English language also helps to make this game viral through the content on the channel YouTube-his. As done by YouTuber named Kaif who uploaded the content of himself playing the game live streaming, and has been viewed up to 1.8 million times.

Peak in mid-July 2021 after a lot Streamer site Twitch started playing the game, such as Sodapopin, Andy Milokanis, xQc, and others, even former players Dota 2 AdmiralBulldog professionals started playing the game online streaming.

Kaesang Pangarep who is interested in playing and Najwa Shihab who is curious about Among Us

Moreover, recently famous figures such as Najwa Shihab and the son of the current President of the Republic of Indonesia, Kaesang Pangarep have also played the game.

Via account Twitter Officially, Najwa Shihab asked how to play the game Among Us while makingretweet Kunto Aji’s tweet imagining that Najwa Shihab was invited to play the game on his official account.

No less excited, one of the children of the current President of the Republic of Indonesia, Kaesang Pangarep, actually shared screenshots he played the game and shared the code room so that netizens can play with him

Even Fan Page fact check team Indonesian Hoaxes enliven the virtual world by playing the game, with a joking tone admin fan page it says that playing together admin and accused impostor afraid to be clarified.

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