Over 50 Games Coming to PC Gaming Show 2021

Over 50 games will be present at the PC Gaming Show 2021 which will air on June 13, 2021. Previously the event was scheduled to air on June 6 but the committee decided to postpone and postpone the date to June 13.

This event will be hosted by Sean “Day[9]Plott and Frankie Ward. A good news when E3 2021 is definitely not around. This event will combine recordings and live broadcasts where we will be presented with impressions such as announcements, interviews, trailers exclusive, and so on.

Participating Companies

Big names such as 2K Games, Atlus, XSEED Games, Bossa Studio are confirmed to have entered the list of PC Gaming Show 2021. Bossa Studio is rumored to be showing Surgeon Simulator 2 for the first time. Then Perfect World is rumored to be giving a surprise to fans Torchlight 3, and some new trailers from Humble Games.

Then there is the famous Battlestate Games with games Escape From Tarkov, Brace Yourself Games, Coffee Stain Studio, Funcom, Rebellion, Modus Games, New Blood Interactive, and many more.

Previously, the PC Gaming Show had always been broadcast from a 700-seat theater in Los Angeles. However, due to the pandemic, the format for this event has changed to a mix of recordings and live broadcasts from the new studio. In addition to the appearance of Sean and Frankie, this event will also feature game celebrities, comments influencers.

When and Where is the Show Broadcast?

PC Gaming Show 2021 will be aired on Sunday, June 14, 2021 at 01.00 WIB. You can watch live at Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. If you missed it, don’t worry because you can watch the recording on PC Gamer YouTube channel.

The PC Gaming Show is one of many events that have remained in spite of the absence of this year’s E3.

About PC Gaming Show

The PC Gaming Show is an event created by the PC Gamer team. This event departs from the dreams of the teams when they always see that the portion games computers are not as much as the console game portion at E3. They imagined what if there was an event similar to E3 but centered on computer games. So, 2021 is the year the PC Gaming Show was born.

The first PC Gaming Show event took place in June 2021 where they invited XboX boss Phil Spencer. Then in 2021, the PC Gamer team gave a surprise by bringing in one of the legends in the video game world, Warren Spector. Warren has been heavily involved with the gaming industry. He became a producer on titles like Ultimate series, System Shock, Deus Ex.

That’s the news about the PC Gaming Show. Have you been waiting for this event?

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