Online Game Ragnarok Forever Love is Ready to Come to Indonesia

In an event Press Conference from Gravity Game Link, announced an online game that is already familiar to Indonesian gamers. The game, Ragnarok Forever Love, is ready to be available in Indonesia.

Approximately what announcements were given at the event Press Conference from Gravity GameLink. Come on, let’s start with the results Newsletter of Karsa at the event Press Conference from Gravity GameLink.

Many Jobs Strong and Unique Class

At the event Press Conference, Gravity Game Link announced that there will be 3 Job Classes that can be played by players. Job Classes that have been announced include Archbishop, Genetic, Guillotine Cross, Maestro, Shura, Warlock and many more.

New Race in Ragnarok Forever Love

Ragnarok Forever Love

In this game there will be a new race that will enliven the world. They are the Doram race, cute creatures that look like werewolves.

Indonesian Server Information

Gravity Game Link provides detailed information about the Indonesian server in the game later. Here is their information:

Ragnarok Forever Love

  • Free-to-Play
  • Exp Rate 100%
  • Drop Rate 100%
  • Death Penalty -1%
  • Renewal System
  • Gameguard by Easy Anti Cheatâ„¢
  • Max Base Level 175
  • Max Job Level 60
  • Max Refine Level +20
  • MVP Card Drop ON
  • Equip Drop Loot ON
  • Equip Drop Penalty OFF

Ragnarok Forever Love

In addition, Gravity Game Link will provide a service feature where players can perform reset skills and status characters for free every month. This means that players can freely change the way the characters and job classes are used.

Plan Updates For next

Ragnarok Forever Love

Gravity Game Link has prepared a plan updates for the future of Ragnarok Forever Love. They plan to make an E-Sports competition for the players.

Open Beta Ragnarok Forever Love

Ragnarok Forever Love

If you are curious to try it, whether it’s for nostalgia or new fans, you don’t have to worry about waiting long. Because you can try this game in Open Beta on September 11, 2021.

Ragnarok Project H

Ragnarok Forever Love

Gravity Game Link also announced a new project that is still one franchise with Ragnarok. The project is called Ragnarok Project H. This game is planned to be released on gadgets Android via Google Play in 2021.

This game will take the concept where players will be able to play it with only one hand. There have been 3 announced Job Classes, namely Sword, Mage and Archer. And of course the players cancustom their character and have pet.

That’s the information we can provide at the event Press Conference from Gravity GameLink. If you want to know more, you can directly check the official website Ragnarok Forever Love.

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